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Supra Launches Real-Time Price Feeds and On-Chain Randomness on ApeCoin’s Web3 GameFi Network

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Supra Launches Real-Time Price Feeds and On-Chain Randomness on ApeCoin's Web3 GameFi Network

Supra, a leading provider of Oracle data feeds and verifiable randomness across 80+ blockchains, is thrilled to announce its integration with ApeChain, making it the first Oracle price feeds and verifiable randomness protocol to be deployed on Arbitrum’s new Layer 3.

GameFi, DeFi, and other decentralized apps based on ApeChain will be able to obtain real-time data more easily, have more functionality, and make decisions more quickly thanks to Supra’s oracle price feeds protocol, Distributed Oracle Agreement (DORA). In the meanwhile, ApeChain dApps may generate decentralized and verifiable randomness using Supra dVRF, ensuring the integrity of random results in blockchain games, prize draws, and other situations where complete transparency is necessary to build confidence.

Supra Provides Vital Data to dApps

Supra greatly enhances the possibilities of smart contracts by providing safe access to external data, which is necessary for Web3 dApps, via its innovative oracle data feeds. With over 475 active price feeds and continuing to expand, Supra’s innovative oracle protocol, DORA, is built to address the difficulties of effectively verifying and transmitting real-world data to deterministic blockchain networks. Strong security assurances are provided by its resilience to Byzantine corruption, Layer-1 grade security, and potential for node collusion. Supra meets a variety of dApp demands by supporting both push and pull models.

The Supra Moonshot Consensus protocol, which powers Supra, gives its data feeds lightning-fast performance speeds and strong security assurances. The Moonshot Consensus protocol achieved 530K transactions per second throughput with 500 millisecond optimistic finality and ~1.5–2 secs complete block finality during its advanced worldwide testing phase. Supra’s oracle data feeds are distinguished by additional capabilities including aggregation, which unites diverse data sources into a trustworthy information stream, authenticity, which verifies data accuracy, and archival, which secures data storage.

Building Trust Using Verifiable, On-Chain Randomness

Supra’s dVRF protocol, which builds on the advantages of DORA, provides a trustless and verifiable solution to the issue of producing unexpected results for dApps using decentralized randomness. This is important for Web3 developers since they may utilize dVRF to ensure the unpredictability and integrity of random results in any situation where it’s needed, such as competitive matchups and prize draws. Supra’s novel on-chain verifiable randomness generator enables decentralized applications (dApps) to generate random results in a straightforward manner, hence augmenting community confidence.

Supra dVRF therefore serves as a source of impartial and randomness, performing a vital role for dApps that need fair and equal opportunities for each and every participant.

ApeChain: Raising the Bar for GameFi

Built on Arbitrum, ApeChain is a new, dedicated Layer 3 (L3) solution intended to serve as the cornerstone of the thriving Ape community and foster ApeCoin’s expansion. At the nexus of NFT and gaming, the Ape community occupies a pivotal position in Web3. ApeChain’s specialized infrastructure is ready to support a multitude of upcoming games and protocols inside the ApeCoin ecosystem, ensuring a seamless and effective gaming experience.

GameFi and metaverse dApps have shown a great deal of interest in ApeChain, which has increased demand for trustworthy data oracles that provide up-to-date off-chain data. Verifiable on-chain randomness is also required by gaming apps in order to ensure fairness. Game developers will be able to create more immersive experiences with improved performance on ApeChain by using Supra’s dVRF and oracle data feeds.

Hervé Larren, ApeCoin DAO Special Council and co-author of ApeChain stated:

“Supra is pioneering solutions with integrations across all major ecosystems and will now empower ApeChain through Bridges, Oracles, Automation, and Randomizers. The ApeCoin DAO eagerly anticipates the innovative creations that builders will craft, leveraging Supra’s best-in-class stack for games, DeFi, and beyond!”

ApeChain intends to use its partnership with Supra to accelerate the widespread adoption of GameFi by providing more dependable data and fostering confidence via results that are assured to be verifiably fair.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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