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Silent Protocol Launches Ghost Layer for Enhanced Blockchain Privacy

Silent Protocol Launches Ghost Layer for Enhanced Blockchain Privacy

A leader in blockchain privacy technology, Silent Protocol has announced the launch of the innovative modular Layer 1.5, called Ghost Layer, for the Ethereum ecosystem. This new method is designed to provide public blockchains compliant privacy improvements that are suitable for institutional and retail use.

The Ghost Layer combines its proprietary 0VM technology with a zero-knowledge (ZK) based system. These developments facilitate the omnidirectional movement of value across several blockchains and the private storage of assets. Its capacity to provide access channels to various execution layers makes it easier to integrate current apps into private workflows.

The Ghost Layer has a unique position in the blockchain hierarchy, according to Novachrono, the creator of Silent Protocol.

Novachrono stated:

“If you create a ledger whose state is decided by the base ledger but the computation is stored elsewhere—you can call it a Layer 1.5.”

This novel placement combines improved privacy and interoperability features with the stability of base layer operations. With the release of EZEE in 2023, Silent Protocol addressed the issue of state denial and introduced a completely composable architecture that facilitates functional privacy. With the help of this framework, developers may create an ecosystem of apps without being constrained by isolated systems. In addition, Silent Protocol has created the decentralized Silent Compliance VM, a decentralized protocol that reveals data only when necessary to stop malicious actors from abusing it.

Isa Sertkaya, Co-founder and CTO of Silent Protocol, emphasized the strategic advantage of the Ghost Layer:

“Rooted out of Ethereum and supporting Ethereum assets, the Ghost Layer achieves modularity not by capturing value vertically but by enabling horizontal composability across different chains.”

By using the base ledger for state validation using zksnarks and implementing 0VM technology, the Ghost Layer may progress the state of the system while validating changes.

With this launch, Silent Protocol is demonstrating its dedication to creating a compliant and composable architecture that allows organizations to use Ethereum in a safe and private manner. Now, developers on other blockchains will be able to keep the liquidity on the mainnet while transforming their current applications into 0dapps, or privacy-preserving applications.

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