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Profiting From #Altseason Swings With Altcoin Industry Hidden Gems: 3 Top Altcoins To Buy 

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Ash Crypto, a famous crypto analyst on X, anticipates the onset of Alt Season 2.0, following a surge in the Altcoin market since January 2024. The current market conditions appear favorable for investment and price increases with a retracement of 28%. Altcoins, which include all cryptocurrencies excluding Bitcoin, have witnessed a pullback but are holding above the $537 billion market cap threshold, previously identified as a resistance level. Despite rebounds, altcoins must break the pattern of reaching weekly highs early in the week. 

However, indicators hint at selling-side pressure on Bitcoin, which could hinder significant upward movement by bulls. In the term, as per Ash Crypto’s perspective, maintaining stability around this support level is crucial as the market remains range-bound while monitoring positive signals like changes in Bitcoin’s dominance and ETH/BTC performance. Despite any setback, there is unanimous optimism regarding prospects for altcoins in the near future. The analyst forecasts an influx of capital into the market, driving Alt Season 2.0 to new heights.

To help you sail this altseason smoothly, here are 3 top altcoins that you might want to buy to multiply your gains before mainstream takes notice: 


MAGA VP (MVP) is one of the tokens to have launched on the MAGA TRUMP ecosystem, dedicated to supporting the community through tokenomics and strong dedication. Initially introduced as an Ethereum-based token, MAGA VP broadened its presence by launching on Solana, BNB, and BASE blockchains. The total supply of 50 million MVP tokens signifies the Vice President is marking a special milestone in the journey of MAGA VP. 

A unique token tax system designates 2% towards ecosystem aspects, 1% for TRUMP rewards for MVP holders, 0.5% for marketing efforts and 0.25% each for TRUMP LP and MVP LP to enhance liquidity and stability. The recent introduction of their dApp offers transparency and access to TRUMP rewards. Currently, MVP is priced at $0.1292 and has launched on Uniswap, where the token has high confidence of investors as reported by CoinMarketCap. 

2. BlockDAG 

BlockDAG raised $20.7 million and sold 8.1 billion coins. Its unique utilization of blockchain and Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technologies provides scalability, security and smart contract features. Further, the introduction of DAGpaper v2 and the Shibuya keynote has generated interest in the crypto community, making BlockDAG a player set to transform the cryptocurrency industry. 

However, this altcoin has yet to take off as a regular VIP in the industry. Alongside these advancements, BlockDAG has garnered attention for its smart contract features, which attract developers of meme coins and potentially foster a centralized ecosystem for such projects. 

3. DOGE Uprising

Powered by the Solana blockchain, Doge Uprising stands out as an innovative cryptocurrency of the dystopian future. It addresses issues seen in the crypto domain by offering fast transactions and minimal fees, which the predecessor, DOGE, has failed to keep up. The project’s dedication to engaging with the community through Ask Me Anything sessions, token giveaways, and contests has attracted a fan-following and potentially boosted the token’s value as the community expanded starting from December 2023. With 450 million $DUP tokens in circulation, early investors may have seen profits as demand rose. 

During the presale phase, tokens were priced at $0.000013, which doubled to $0.000026 in the phase. Doge Uprising’s roadmap consisted of four stages: Genesis, Uprising, Armageddon and Resurrection, each aimed at uniting the community towards an era. The Genesis phase, focused on jumpstarting marketing campaigns, unveiling NFT teasers, and forming partnerships with social media influencers, continues to make it an underrated yet popular altcoin this altseason. 

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