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Pepe Coin Leaps 15% Amid Crypto Market Slump

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Pepe Coin Leaps 15% Amid Crypto Market Slump

  • Pepe Coin defies the crypto market decline with a 15% surge in the last 24 hours.
  • PEPE’s spike is tied to growing attention from big investors, often called whales.

In defiance of the broader downturn in the cryptocurrency market, meme coins continue to capture attention, with Pepe Coin leading the charge today with a notable surge of over 17%. This spike, attributed to increased interest from large holders, or whales, underscores the ongoing fascination with meme-based cryptocurrencies.

The global crypto market displayed a sigh of relief as it gained approximately $60 billion in valuation over the past day, countering a recent market correction that had persisted since the beginning of the week. Further, PEPE Coin remains a wildcard, exhibiting significant price swings that reflect prevailing uncertainty.

Will PEPE Continue to Surge?

Recently, Pepe Coin has shown a bullish pattern. After a period of neutrality, its value skyrocketed by over 700% in March, reaching a high of $0.000010. The bullish momentum has waned since then, but there’s still optimism that if bulls regain control,

If Pepe continues its rally, it could set a next resistance level of $0.0000075. Maintaining stability at this level could pave the way for an attempt to breach the $0.000010 mark by month’s end.

However, there’s a flip side to the coin. Bearish pressure could drive Pepe’s price down towards its critical support level of $0.00000607. Further, failure to hold this level could trigger a more significant decline, testing the crucial support at $0.00000520. The fate of Pepe Coin, like many meme coins, hangs in the balance between bullish fervor and bearish pressure.

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