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Oasys Teams Up with SBINFT Market to Boost Crypto Gaming in Japan

Oasys Teams Up with SBINFT Market to Boost Crypto Gaming in Japan

Gaming-focused blockchain network Oasys is striving to expand the cryptocurrency gaming sector in Japan with a new collaboration with SBINFT Market, an NFT marketplace managed by a division of SBI Group, the Tokyo-based banking behemoth.

Oasys, a chain that has attracted attention from major players in the traditional video game industry including Sega, Bandai Namco, and Ubisoft, is working hard to expand the blockchain gaming sector in Japan.

Beyond its initial integration with Oasys’ HOME Verse, the SBINFT Market now supports assets from the Hub-Layer (layer-1) and MCH Verse (layer-2) blockchains. If approved by the platform, this will enable developers using Oasys to sell NFTs via the marketplace.

Oasys Director Daiki Moriyama, in a release stated:

“SBINFT Market’s support for Oasys’ Hub-Layer and MCH Verse significantly enhances our ecosystem, providing users and developers with broader opportunities for monetization and engagement within the blockchain gaming space. We are excited to deepen our presence in Japan, bringing our unique gaming-focused blockchain solutions to one of the most innovative markets in the world.”

The SBINFT Market will only feature NFTs from authorized artists and Oasys-affiliated providers. Inaugurated in 2021, SBINFT allows for the listing of tokenized assets in a variety of categories, including digital art, music, event tickets, and in-game items. It also handles credit card and cryptocurrency transactions. Additionally, it supports NFTs on Polygon and Ethereum.

A few of Oasys’s major initiatives include the network’s OASYX NFT collection and the forthcoming game Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles from Ubisoft, the gaming behemoth behind the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

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