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In Series of High-Level Web3 Events, CESS Demonstrates the Power of its Blockchain-Based Decentralized Storage and CDN Solutions

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CESS Fostering Innovation and Showcasing the Power of Web3 Decentralized Storage and CDN in Series of High-Profile Events in Dubai

CESS is a high-performance, blockchain-powered decentralized storage and content delivery network infrastructure. The platform allows users, creators, and builders to share data and develop and deploy dApps of all kinds for various use cases. As the decentralized Web3 revolution picks up speed and steadily replaces slow, costly, and centralized Web2 alternatives, the time is now for tech pioneers to foster the innovation, collaboration, and partnerships that can move the industry forward to the benefit of all.

Dubai is a well-established center for IT innovation, finance, and global industry. It is also home to VARA – the Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority – which is the world’s first independent regulator for virtual assets, an organization that was set up to be a transparent and trusted guiding authority for the emerging world of virtual assets. At a number of events across some of Dubai’s most recognizable landmarks, such as the LAtoken Dubai Penthouse, Jumeirah Beach Residence, and the Atlantis Hotel, CESS participated in a wide range of events designed to advance and promote all things Web3.

Web3 and CESS’s Decentralized Storage and CDN Solutions

CESS is recognized by the blockchain and IT communities as a leader in the decentralized storage field, having recently led efforts for the approval by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) of standard number P3233 – the Blockchain-Based Decentralized Storage Protocol Specification – designed to provide the critical standardization and normalization needed to facilitate the innovation and collaborative growth needed in the Web3 space. As part of its efforts toward building a more resilient, collaborative, and integrated Web3 ecosystem for the world, CESS and its partners participated in the Dubai events as sponsors, co-hosts, and attendees, bringing together luminaries from the blockchain, digital asset, decentralized storage, and related fields.

One of these events was Creator Camp, co-hosted by ThreeDAO, a highly respected China-focused cryptocurrency and blockchain marketing agency. This event concentrated on new narratives and finding consensus within the Web3 realm and came hardly a few months after CESS participated in ThreeDAO’s Everything Creator Camp in September 2023 as a representative project with a DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network) track. DePINs are designed to drive the global deployment of nodes using incentives that allow different players to share resources and build value in a safe, secure, transparent, and scalable manner via a data value network built on the seamless trade, transfer, and use of digital assets in the Web3 space

CESS also attended an exclusive Duke University Web3 investor soirée hosted by Ga^3in Ventures in the LAtoken Dubai penthouse, which was also attended by celebrity professor Campbell Harvey – the inventor of the inverted yield curve, which has been an indicator for every recession for the last 55 years. The event was brought by the ICHI team which built Yield IQ Vaults (for auto-liquidity management) and Branded Dollars (stablecoins for any community) – two bleeding-edge innovations gaining massive traction in the Web3 market.

Other events in CESS’s busy April schedule in Dubai included Disrupting with DePIN, held in conjunction with blue-chip crypto platforms ANKR and IOTEX, and a meme-focused investor night held alongside Metis. IOTEX  is an open-source platform at the intersection of blockchain and the Internet of Things and seeks to build a connected world where machines, humans, businesses, and decentralized applications can interact with trust and privacy, and ANKR provides developers with flexible and cost-efficient connections to blockchains. As for Metis, it is recognized as a superfluid, self-sustainable blockchain and is quickly gaining ground as a solution of choice for users and builders of all backgrounds.

Two final events that rounded off the busy week were Night Of 2049: Token Eve (co-hosted by CESS), and Web3 Summit Dubai (co-sponsored by CESS). Focused on entrepreneurs, investors, and developers, with excellent opportunities for networking with peers, sharing ideas, and making new friends, thousands of attendees participated, providing projects and developers with industry visibility, engagement, a diverse audience, and unmatched insights into the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape. The latter event also included a special side event called “AI Meets Web3: Powering the Future of Decentralized AI.” This summit highlighted the top AI+Web3 projects, showcased the achievements of the DeAI Hackathon 2024 winners, and helped to foster connections between innovators and investors. The focus of the summit was on exploring the transformative impact of AI and Web3 for creating a decentralized digital future.

At every one of these events, CESS conducted deep dives into the latest decentralized storage and content delivery network solutions. It showcased the power of its network, the latest testnet of which just hit 10,000 active nodes. Virtually every event was sold out in advance, and they provided participants with exclusive opportunities to connect with the elite of the global Web3 community. From entrepreneurs, investors, and developers, to users and media professionals, the Dubai events were excellent opportunities for working with peers, sharing ideas, making friends, and collaboratively pushing the Web3 space forward while discovering new opportunities and developing new solutions to some of the world’s most interesting problems.

Despite a few weather-related delays, the events were a resounding success, and CESS was able to demonstrate its capabilities as the blockchain-powered decentralized storage and content delivery network infrastructure of choice for Web3. With CESS, users and creators can enjoy fast, secure, and cost-effective on-chain data sharing, as well as optimized storage and retrieval of high-frequency dynamic data. This is made possible, in part, with DeOSS, CESS’s innovative and first-of-its-kind Decentralized Object Storage Service. DeOSS comes with high availability thanks to the innovative Proof of Data Reduplication and Recovery mechanism (PoDR²) with multiple data back-up ensures data integrity that comes with tiered processing of hot, warm, and cold data to ensure data timeliness. Other DeOSS capabilities include enterprise-grade security (using AccessKey ID and AccessKey Secret for symmetric encryption to authorize and authenticate requests), scalability (every account can manage up to 1000 buckets, with no space limitations per bucket, thereby providing massive storage capacity), and a user-friendly interface (with support for CRUD operations, online real-time sharing, and flexible file management). Privacy management and data ownership are also provided as standard on the platform.

Thanks to these innovations and capabilities, CESS continues to reshape the value distribution and circulation of data assets while ensuring data sovereignty and user privacy using an innovative DePIN model, and the platform is driving the mass deployment of network nodes globally through creative incentives with a committed focus on Web3 ideals and incentives.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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