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BlockDAG’s Upgraded Dashboard Boosts Transparency with $26.9M in Presales, Surpasses Spot Ethereum ETFs and Render Price Predictions

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BlockDAG’s Upgraded Dashboard Boosts Transparency with $26.9M in Presales, Surpasses Spot Ethereum ETFs and Render Price Predictions

Expectations for spot Ethereum ETFs have gotten significantly low in the community as Ethereum’s market performance continues to lag behind the majority of its peers.

Meanwhile, although the price dropped 4% in the past 24 hours, the Render price predictions might show signs of recovery, as trading volume increases by 27%.

Conversely, BlockDAG leads transparency in rankings with a new dashboard upgrade, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for managing and tracking transactions, rankings, and referrals. On this screen, users can view instant purchases and rankings based on USD amounts. The leaderboard shows the top 30 users by the purchase amount and the coins they bought.

Diminished Hope for Spot Ethereum ETFs

The Ethereum community’s hope for a spot Ethereum ETFs has diminished due to Ethereum’s underperformance compared to other cryptocurrencies. The SEC, led by Gary Gensler, known for its cautious approach to crypto, has not shown any inclination to approve Ethereum ETF applications, despite approving multiple Bitcoin ETFs. 

Grayscale recently withdrew its ETH ETF application, adding to the scepticism. This has led to speculation that approval may not happen soon. Ethereum’s market performance has been lacklustre, with minimal price movement and low trading volumes, leading to boredom among investors, and indicating market uncertainty.

Render’s Positive Price Predictions

The recent dip in the Render price, down by 4% and currently trading at $10.84, hasn’t dampened optimism as signs of recovery emerge, alongside a notable 27% uptick in trading volume.  Despite the recent downward movement, traders maintain a positive outlook, considering the 4% decline as part of a healthy correction. 

Technical indicators, including the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Smooth Moving Average (SMMA), suggest a bullish trend, with the potential for the Render price to reach $12.21 and potentially reclaim previous highs of $13.86, in line with Render’s positive price predictions.

BlockDAG’s Enhanced Dashboard: A New Era of Transparency and User Interaction

BlockDAG has just launched its latest dashboard upgrade, ushering in a new era of transparency and user interaction on the platform. The BlockDAG dashboard offers several features for users to manage and track their transactions. In the My Transactions section, users can see their purchase history, including amounts, stages, and currencies used, with support for over eight currencies like BTC, ETH, and USDT.

The Live Transactions screen allows users to view instant purchases and see rankings based on the USD amount purchased, categorized as Crab ($0 – $99), Tortoise ($100 – $999), Fish ($1,000 – $9,999), Shark ($10,000 – $49,999), and Whale ($50,000+). The leaderboard shows the top 30 purchasers and the coins bought in USD. Additionally, the Referral Screen lets users track purchases made through their referral link and the bonus earned in dollars.

BlockDAG revolutionizes mining with its X series devices, especially the X10. This compact, efficient miner delivers a 100 MH/s hash rate, mining up to 200 BDAG daily, which equates to $30 upon official launch price. Using ASIC technology, it operates at 40 watts with minimal noise. Its plug-and-play setup suits both beginners and experts, offering performance, efficiency, and convenience

Key Takeaway

BlockDAG recently entered batch 12 with an enticing price of $0.0075, generating a remarkable $26.9 million by selling over 9.1 billion coins, emerging as one of the top crypto gainers. Meanwhile, the future of spot Ethereum ETFs remains uncertain compared to Render’s optimistic price predictions.

Moreover, BlockDAG’s updated dashboard heralds a new era of transparency and enhanced user experience, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for managing and tracking transactions, rankings, and referrals. Additionally, the X10 miner, a compact and efficient device, enhances mining efficiency with its 100 MH/s hash rate and 40-watt power usage, making it user-friendly for both beginners and experts.

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