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BlockDAG Leads with Famous Influencer’s Support & $30 Price Projection, Amid NEAR Protocol’s Bullish Trends & Helium’s Price Surge

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BlockDAG Leads with Famous Influencer’s Support & $30 Price Projection, Amid NEAR Protocol’s Bullish Trends & Helium’s Price Surge

Near Protocol is bullish, demonstrating strength by surpassing the $7 mark, as Helium’s price climbs to $5.89, placing it 92nd on CoinMarketCap amid overall crypto market growth. Meanwhile, BlockDAG is capturing attention with its remarkable $23.6 million presale success and a projected price of $30 by 2030. BlockDAG’s also gaining support from prominent YouTube crypto influencers, including CryptoDexWorld, which elevates this new coin’s prominence among the crypto world. It also establishes BlockDAG as a premier crypto investment choice, providing novice investors a distinct advantage in the competitive market landscape.

Near Protocol: Bullish Momentum Surges Past $7

Near Protocol is currently bullish, having surged past $7 and broken from a falling wedge pattern. Following lower swings, NEAR retraced to $5 before experiencing a 34% rebound. Presently, it sits at $7.092, marking a 3.69% increase and indicating optimistic sentiment. Analysts predict NEAR’s potential to surpass $7.60 and retest $9. Daily charts depict a clean reversal, with buyers successfully surpassing the $5 support level.

A breakout above $7.60 may further propel bullish momentum. Trading volume surged by 23.89% to $299.57 million. Most indicators reflect bullish signals, with RSI in the overbought zone and MACD showing bullish tendencies. NEAR’s market cap has risen by 1.57% to $4.32 billion, with a total supply of 1 billion tokens, signifying ongoing bullish momentum.

Helium Surges Amid Key Wallet Update & Growth Signals

Helium price has surged to $5.89 with a pivotal wallet update, signaling robust growth. Amidst a bustling crypto market, Helium (HNT) gains attention, elevating its market cap to $929.4 million. With 160.8 million HNT in circulation and a cap of 223 million, future valuation potential looks promising. Helium’s tweet announces the Helium Wallet App update to version 2.7.7, ensuring network stability and boosting user confidence. The Helium Mobile’s $20 Group Plan offers unlimited data, talk, and text for up to eight users, simplifying mobile usage with significant cost savings.

Helium Mobile enhances its LA and NYC networks with Boosted Locations, strengthening connectivity and rewarding users. Technical analysis suggests bullish trends, with resistance levels at $5.95 and $6.41, supported by the Relative Strength Index (RSI) at 56 and the 50-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) at $4.92.

BlockDAG Gains Influencers’ Attention, Impresses with Innovative Technology

BlockDAG is rapidly gaining traction in the cryptocurrency market, having impressively raised over $23.6 million in its presale. Projections suggest the value of the BlockDAG coin could hit $30 by 2030, signalling strong future growth.

BlockDAG is being lauded on YouTube by crypto influencers. The most recent was YouTuber CryptoDexWorld, who, in his new video, compared BlockDAG’s potential to established giants like Ethereum, highlighting its transformative capabilities and promising investment prospects. 

The YouTuber described BlockDAG as “a gem” in the latest video on YouTube. BlockDAG is recognized as the world’s most advanced layer-1 blockchain, utilizing Proof of Work technology for enhanced efficiency and speed. It has gained widespread attention not only by investors but also by major technologies and companies and has been featured in top media outlets like Bloomberg and Coindesk.

BlockDAG’s compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) allows for fast implementation of Ethereum-based contracts, accelerating development and tapping into extensive Ethereum community resources. Moreover, the coin features a maximum supply of 150 billion, with a substantial portion allocated to the community and a smaller percentage locked for team use, ensuring stability and long-term growth.

BlockDAG also offers innovative mining solutions like the X1 mobile app for on-the-go mining, with robust machines like the X10, X30, and X100 available for more intensive mining needs. These options boast user-friendly interfaces, energy efficiency, and diverse rewards, including a 10% referral bonus.

Final Thoughts

With NEAR Protocol’s bullish trends and Helium’s price surge shaping potential lucrative opportunities, BlockDAG’s ongoing development and robust community support position it as a significant force in the blockchain industry. Analysts are predicting a massive 30,000x ROI potential for BlockDAG, making it a top cryptocurrency for huge gains. 

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