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Bitcoin, Ethereum, And Solana: Galaxy Digital CEO Predicts Next Market Movements

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Mike Novogratz, the CEO and founder of Galaxy Digital, shared his insights on the current state of the cryptocurrency market. According to Bloomberg, Novogratz predicts that Bitcoin (BTC) will likely remain within a relatively narrow trading range for the current quarter as the adoption of cryptocurrencies in traditional finance continues to evolve.

Stagnant Crypto Market

Per the report, Novogratz described the current phase in the crypto market as a consolidation period. He emphasized that Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH), and other cryptocurrencies, including Solana (SOL), are expected to consolidate. 

This consolidation phase suggests that the Bitcoin price will likely trade within a range of approximately $55,000 to $75,000 until significant market events drive prices higher.

The crypto market has experienced a period of stagnation following the historic bull run witnessed in the past two quarters. This surge was fueled by the launch of spot US Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and the Bitcoin Halving, which reduced the supply of new BTC. 

However, Bitcoin’s price trend reversed due to diminishing optimism surrounding interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve (Fed), amid consistently strong economic indicators.

According to Novogratz’s analysis, if his predictions hold, Solana could continue to consolidate within its current trading range of $120 to $150. This consolidation has been observed over the past month, indicating a period of stability for the cryptocurrency.

Similarly, Ethereum’s price has closely mirrored Bitcoin’s movements and has traded between the $2,870 and $3,200 levels. 

Ethereum recently failed to consolidate above the significant $4,000 mark reached in mid-March. As a result, Ethereum has experienced a period of price consolidation within the range above.

Bitcoin Volatility Persists

Novogratz acknowledged the tailwinds that propelled the market during the fourth quarter of 2023 and the first quarter of 2024. 

Galaxy’s CEO believes that these tailwinds will likely persist throughout the current quarter and possibly the next unless there are significant developments, such as the Fed initiating rate cuts due to an economic slowdown or until the regulatory landscape becomes clearer after the upcoming election.

Moreover, Novogratz noted a significant shift in counterparties’ willingness to lend crypto for extended periods without collateral, a trend that was not prevalent just six months ago. He emphasized that engagement in the crypto space has reached a new level, with growing interest from individuals and institutions alike.

On Tuesday, Bitcoin experienced a 2.7% decline, trading at $61,400. Since achieving a record high of $73,700 on March 14, the largest cryptocurrency in the market has undergone a 16% decline. Despite this, Galaxy Digital reported notable first-quarter results, with net income more than tripling to $421.7 million. 

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