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Web 3.0 Gaming: Taki Games Set to Launch Genopets Match in April

Taki Games, a prominent social gaming network known for offering real money rewards to its users, is expanding its horizons by partnering with Genopets. This collaboration aims to extend the “move-to-earn” concept, a rapidly growing brand within the Solana blockchain ecosystem that has attracted a large player base.

Set to launch in April 2024, Genopets Match will join an expanding lineup of Web3-branded games on Taki’s Solana-based platform, such as Puzzle Smoofs, Game7 Food Fighter, and Pac-Cats. Through this partnership, Taki Games aspires to introduce billions of mobile gamers to Web3, enhancing the gaming experience with rewarding opportunities by collaborating with numerous top Web3 brands and communities.

Taki Games’ decentralized network revolutionizes mobile gaming by incorporating tokenized rewards and ownership of gaming assets, fostering a player-owned ecosystem. This approach not only offers developers new revenue avenues but also allows them to share success with their players. As a pioneer in the “play-to-earn” (P2E) gaming trend, Taki Games seeks to refine the model with a tokenomics structure designed to prevent token hyperinflation. This strategy aims to ensure players receive a fair portion of the over $200 billion annually generated by the gaming industry.

Central to Taki’s model is the TAKI token, featuring a “buy-and-burn” mechanism to sustain its value while motivating gamers to engage and earn. The developer team behind Taki includes the founders of Kabam, a leading studio in the free-to-play mobile and social gaming sector.

Genopets stands out in the Solana blockchain ecosystem as a top free-to-play mobile game with a vast active player base. The game, reminiscent of classics like Pokemon and Tamagotchi, involves nurturing NFT-based digital pets. It offers extensive customization and evolution options for the Genopets, adding depth and variety to the gameplay. Ahead of its public V1 launch, Genopets is integrating with Taki’s network to broaden its audience, encouraging new users to join through a special airdrop.

Both Taki and Genopets are committed to mainstreaming the Web3 industry, attracting a diverse audience including Solana token holders, NFT enthusiasts, and digital asset collectors. Jay Chang of Genopets expressed excitement about partnering with Taki Games to introduce mainstream gamers to the next generation of Web3 gaming.

This partnership marks a significant milestone in Taki Games’ journey, which has seen a 3,000% network growth since its pivot to Web3 gaming. Now ranked among the top dApps in the Polygon Proof-of-Stake ecosystem and across all blockchain networks, Taki’s success is evident in its native TAKI token’s trading volume and the widespread adoption of its mobile gaming app. Taki Games CEO Weiwei Geng envisions the company as Web3’s Zynga, aiming to drive mainstream adoption of Web3 through engaging gaming experiences and ownership opportunities.

This collaboration between Taki Games and Genopets illustrates the transformative potential of Web3 technologies in redefining traditional video game engagement and growth, promising a new era of enhanced value and opportunities for developers and gamers alike.

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