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Unshaken by Financial Setbacks, Maximillian White Blends Cannabis, Blockchain, and NFTs for Success

Financial failure does not faze medical marijuana millionaire and entrepreneur Maximillian White.

Europe’s wealthiest legal cannabis tycoon has faced significant misfortune, both in his own career and his father’s.

Notably, he lost $29 million in the Cypriot banking collapse of 2012. Instead of conserving his remaining funds, he purchased a Rolls Royce to drive around publicly.

“I’m a proud man. I didn’t want people to think I was lost,” he says. “I may also be a poser.” In reality, he is a hard worker unafraid of failure.

White now embraces blockchain technology and NFTs as part of his business.

He compares it to a Manhattan cocktail, where the combination of ingredients makes it great. “For me, it’s the combination of cannabis, blockchain, and crypto – you can’t go wrong.”

White began his career in music production, including working with Drake on the hit “One Dance.” He built and sold the music streaming service Beatport, earning millions.

His ventures extended to Portugal, where he created Blanco Beach, a beach club frequented by celebrities like Rio Ferdinand and performers like Tyga and Rick Ross. Although it has since closed, it showcased his diverse interests.

White, who has ADHD, says it gives him eclectic tastes in music, from classical to hip hop.

He knew he was destined to be a business builder since primary school, dressing up as an entrepreneur for a school event.

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His work ethic is rooted in his early life as a chorister at Durham Cathedral, where he sang daily without breaks, even on Christmas.

White made his fortune selling medicinal marijuana worldwide and establishing Europe’s largest plantation in Portugal.

He expanded into real estate in Dubai, Majorca, and Eastern Europe, driven by the loss of his family home during childhood. His brother’s tragic death in 2022 further marked his resilience.

Legal marijuana is gaining acceptance globally, with medical use legal in over 50 countries and recreational use in nine. Despite past plans for a cannabis cryptocurrency called MEDI falling through, White remains innovative.

Collaborating with digital marketer Ricardo Capone, White integrates NFTs with his cannabis products to ensure traceability via blockchain.

Initially skeptical about NFTs as art, White was excited by their potential for smart contracts.

“Smart contracts made me delve further into the space,” he says, highlighting their business applications.

His latest project, Dr Green, uses NFTs as “unique business passes.” Holders access the Dr Green DApp to build a cannabis-selling community.

The NFTs act like licenses, tradeable and increasing in value with customer base growth.

Despite his blockchain enthusiasm, White remains cautious about cryptocurrency valuation against the dollar, questioning its decentralization.

“Our NFTs are acting like a digital key or real-world asset, where you can plug into the systems of a company that is already up and running.”

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