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UK Police Unit Thwarts 43 Fraudulent Web Domains Amid Rising Cybercrime Concerns

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB), a police unit in the United Kingdom focused on scrutinising and collecting intelligence on fraud and finance-related cybercrime, has thwarted 43 web domains associated with fraudulent activities.

As per an update from Pete O’Doherty, the acting commissioner of the City of London Police, the NFIB stumbled upon a spoof email address masquerading as the crypto site

Authorities unearthed an additional 42 web domains, such as “” and “,” promptly blocking these addresses upon discovery.

The NFIB implored individuals falling prey to cybercrimes to report through official channels and the hotline.

By December 2023, nearly 300,000 malevolent websites had been removed due to such reports. Some phishing attempts involved deceiving email recipients into believing they had won a Tupperware set.

Phishing remains a persistent problem within the crypto community.

On Jan. 20, hardware wallet producer Trezor flagged a security breach compromising the data of 66,000 users.

Following the incident, at least 41 users reported receiving phishing emails soliciting sensitive information to access their crypto wallets.

Concurrently, a widespread phishing campaign inundated the email inboxes of numerous crypto investors.

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On Jan. 23, the crypto community identified a phishing assault by fraudsters masquerading as representatives from major Web3 companies.

These hackers initiated an email campaign promoting bogus token airdrops, purportedly from entities like Cointelegraph, WalletConnect, and Token Terminal.

Subsequently, it was confirmed that the phishing attack stemmed from a breach at the email marketing firm MailerLite.

On Jan. 24, the company disclosed that hackers exploited a social engineering attack to seize control over Web3 accounts.

A MailerLite team member, responding to a customer inquiry, inadvertently clicked on a link redirecting to a fraudulent Google sign-in page.

Unaware, the employee signed in, granting the attackers access to MailerLite’s admin panel. According to blockchain analytics firm Nansen, the main wallet of the attackers amassed at least $3.3 million in total inflows since the attack.

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