Back to main Unveils Exclusive Bitcoin Cashback Rewards for Elite Travelers in Crypto Loyalty Program, a cryptocurrency-friendly travel agency, is launching a unique Bitcoin cashback program aimed at rewarding its most loyal customers.

This initiative is designed to capitalize on Bitcoin’s (BTC) scarcity, offering an innovative reward for the platform’s Smart Diamond tier members.

This tier is part of the loyalty program operated by the AVA Foundation’s blockchain platform, with the program details shared in an exclusive announcement to Cointelegraph.

Juan Otero, the CEO of, emphasized Bitcoin’s enduring presence and its increasing appeal to a broader audience, especially following the approval of the first spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund.

He stated, “Bitcoin is here to stay, and it’s now becoming more appealing to mainstream audiences, thanks to the recent approval of the first spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund.”

According to Otero, the Bitcoin cashback rewards not only enhance the attractiveness of using cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions but also ensure that rewards are credited swiftly, within 24 hours after completing a trip. users, especially those eligible for the rewards, enjoy complete freedom in how they utilize their Bitcoin cashback.

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This includes paying for various travel services on the platform or transferring their BTC to external wallets, exchanges, or platforms.

Notably, Bitcoin ranks as one of the top three payment methods on, with around 9% of the platform’s travel bookings paid in BTC, totaling over $5 million in transactions for flights, hotels, and activities in 2023 alone.

However, the program is exclusive, requiring users to own a Travel Tiger NFT and stake 2,500 AVA tokens for Smart Diamond membership.

With only 1,000 Travel Tiger NFTs available, minted on the Ethereum blockchain and priced at a floor of 2.6 Ether (approximately $9,800), the program offers a limited opportunity for travelers to earn rewards.

Travala advocates for the potential of cryptocurrency-based cashback programs to disrupt traditional Web2-based models.

By leveraging Bitcoin, the platform aims to reduce fees associated with conventional payment methods and mitigate the risk of chargeback fraud.

Otero also sees the Bitcoin rewards initiative as a gateway for introducing newcomers to the Web3 ecosystem, highlighting the AVA Foundation’s role in providing cashback and loyalty rewards, payment discounts, and exclusive access through its native AVA token.

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