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Trade BetFury Futures With Up to x1000 Multiplier & FuryWaves Trading Tool

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BetFury has recently taken another step towards developing its crypto ecosystem. The platform has introduced Futures with up to an x1000 multiplier. Every trader can earn top crypto with low fees and even get trading discounts. Besides, BetFury has created FuryWaves – a betting game based on Futures. It’s implemented on a randomizer and allows you to combine earnings with fun. Discover how you can get real crypto by predicting price movements.

Try BetFury Futures With x1000 Multiplier

What’s Unique in Futures on BetFury?

At first glance, BetFury Futures is a classic feature for predicting price growth or decline. However, several features set it apart from other market offerings.

  • Trading with x1000 Multiplier: high leverages multiply crypto up to a thousand times.
  • Lower Commissions: minimum costs for fees affect income maximization.
  • Up to 60% Fee Discount for BFG Holders: having native BetFury tokens allows you to save on commission while trading Futures.
  • Quick Deposit Boost: users can deposit low amounts and withdraw increased amounts, choosing the highest x1000 multiplier and the right trading strategy.
  • Create Your Own Futures Strategy: following personal vision and technique may maximize profits and minimize risks.

How Do BetFury Futures Work?

Success in trading depends not only on knowledge but also on the right tool and approach. BetFury offers four currencies for trading: BTC, ETH, BNB, and XRP. Their price is formed from external exchange resources and is highly accurate since the platform algorithms update it in real time every 500 milliseconds. To open a Futures position, specify the currency, wager, multiplier, type of commission, and price direction (up or down). You can choose Flat or PnL commissions, which are pretty low and suitable for different situations. You will win if you predict the exchange rate correctly. Liquidation and closing a position occurs when you mispredict price movements.

Why FuryWaves is a New Look at Trading?

To expand Futures trading tools, BetFury has released FuryWaves. It’s a special Original game with trading elements. The main difference from the default Futures is the price formation. Instead of constantly updating exchange prices, FuryWaves uses a randomizer with the SHA-256 algorithm. Thus, each next price move will shift by a random value in a random direction. The fairness of this method can be easily proved through a session hash. 

What are the main aspects that can be highlighted when playing FuryWaves?

  • Each trading session lasts 24 hours and has up to 172,800 ticks.
  • One tick occurs every 500 milliseconds.
  • New trading sessions start at an initial price of $1,000.
  • At the end of each session, all open positions are closed using a current PNL.
  • FuryWaves allows you to place bets in USDT and USDC.

Therefore, FuryWaves is an exciting betting game with unique features. It complements the variety of Original games on BetFury, simulating the trading experience with an entertaining method. Perhaps this system with randomly generated price moves will become more popular and help many gamers master crypto tools like Futures.


Futures on BetFury represent a lucrative tool blending betting dynamics with the precision of trading. It caters perfectly to skilled traders seeking a novel trading experience. BetFury demonstrated a striking example of Futures with real crypto rewards, convenient usage, and an additional trading tool in the form of an Original game — FuryWaves. These groundbreaking products are reshaping the industry landscape, offering fresh air for traders seeking to enrich their experience and crypto incomings. Embrace this new era of crypto earnings with BetFury and experience a new dimension of trading excitement!

About BetFury

BetFury is an established ecosystem with crypto-earning features, iGaming, and Sports betting. The platform has a global community of 2M+ users for over four years of progress. 

Multiple crypto-staking options are available on BetFury for users who prioritize competitive rewards and leading tokens for earning, such as BTC, ETH, USDT, and BNB. There is Crypto Staking with up to 130% APR and flexible conditions.

When you sign up on BetFury, you receive a Welcome Pack with up to $10 500 Deposit Bonuses and 275 Free Spins. If you prefer a team approach to gaining rewards, you can join a Referral Program. The referrer gets a $1,500 bonus and a 30% commission for his referral’s activity with an opportunity for reward. You can access all these crypto features directly on the BetFury website or use its Telegram Bot for faster platform access and boosted rewards.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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