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Tornado Cash Co-Founder Seeks Dismissal of Charges, Arguing Platform’s Inherent Privacy Goal

Roman Storm, the co-founder of Tornado Cash, has taken a significant legal step by filing a motion to dismiss the accusations leveled against him.

Facing three charges, including operating a money laundering business and violating the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, Storm’s defense team strongly refutes these allegations.

On March 29, in a court document submitted to the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, his lawyers articulated, “By no stretch can Mr. Storm be deemed to have conspired to launder funds.”

The defense highlights the timing and nature of Tornado Cash’s development, emphasizing that the platform was immutable and accessible to the public well before being utilized by sanctioned entities, notably the North Korean Lazarus Group.

This detail is crucial, as the Lazarus Group is accused of using Tornado Cash to evade U.S. sanctions, purportedly aiding North Korea’s nuclear ambitions.

Storm’s legal team further argued against the characterization of Tornado Cash as a money-transmitting business, pointing out the absence of transmission fees and the maintenance of user control over cryptocurrency.

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They argue that Storm’s intention was to create a tool for financial privacy for legitimate cryptocurrency users, branding the charges as baseless and calling for their dismissal.

Storm’s plea of not guilty in September 2023 and his subsequent release on a $2 million bond underscore the complexities surrounding the case. Restrictions limit his movements to certain states, reflecting the ongoing scrutiny of crypto-mixing services by U.S. authorities.

The case against Storm emerges amidst broader legal actions against crypto mixers, such as the conviction of Roman Sterlingov, the founder of Bitcoin Fog, on similar charges.

Yet, the crypto community often defends the importance of mixers for their role in ensuring privacy and confidentiality in transactions.

Debate around Tornado Cash’s situation extended to the Arbitrum DAO, which considered but ultimately did not proceed with financial support for Storm’s defense.

This legal battle not only underscores the tensions between privacy advocates and regulatory efforts but also signals the ongoing challenge of navigating the legal landscape for cryptocurrency innovations.

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