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Top SHIB Holders Revealed: Burn Address Dominates, Whales Shift Billions, and Shibarium Upgrade Looms

An Arkham Intelligence report unveils the current top 10 holders of SHIB, with the burn SHIB address reigning supreme, holding a staggering 410,418,816,901,215.06 SHIB, valued at over $10 billion, comprising 41% of the total Shiba Inu supply.

Following closely behind is, holding 37,570,344,005,265.1 SHIB, equating to 3.76% of the supply and valued at $968,560,000.

However, this wallet’s online connectivity exposes it to potential security risks.

Third on the list is a Binance cold wallet, possessing 35,000,000,000,000 SHIB, totaling $902,300,000. Robinhood’s cold wallet trails shortly after, securing 31,753,251,930,362.97 SHIB, valued at $818,600,000.

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The Shib team’s wallet rounds out the top 10, holding 6,397,162,264,908 SHIB, worth $164,920,000.

In a significant development, cryptocurrency whales have moved nearly 17 billion SHIB coins in recent hours, predominantly from Kraken to OKX.

Meanwhile, an upcoming “hard fork” for Shibarium, scheduled on May 2, promises faster block production and more predictable transaction fees.

Despite this, there’s no mention of the automated burn mechanism tested on the Puppynet testnet since January.

SHIB burns continue manually, primarily by the SHIB army, with occasional involvement from the developer team, funded by BONE collected from Shibarium transaction fees.

However, over the past 24 hours, the burn rate has seen a significant decline, with only 4,422,643 SHIB removed from circulation, marking an 88.96% decrease.

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