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Top 5 Promising Web3 Projects to Discover in 2024

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2024 is off to a roaring start for the cryptocurrency market, with Bitcoin breaking the $72,000 barrier. In this buoyant market context, Web3 and its bubbling ecosystem are attracting all eyes. Investors are on the lookout for the nuggets that will make tomorrow’s headlines.

Token sales and launchpads, the nugget hunt is on!

A veritable breeding ground for innovative projects, token sales (Initial Coin Offerings or Initial Token Offerings) and launchpads are enjoying a spectacular resurgence in popularity. These stepping stones for crypto startups offer seasoned investors a golden opportunity to unearth future gems of this ever-changing universe.

Discover 5 high-potential projects, from decentralized finance, to gaming, that are likely to make a splash in the crypto community in 2024. Fasten your seatbelts, as we take you on a tour of tomorrow’s nuggets!

Ago, the all-in-one DeFi platform

Ago is an innovative DeFi platform that aims to democratize decentralized finance by offering a wide range of services within a single user-friendly application.

With Ago, users can access interest-bearing savings accounts, obtain crypto loans, carry out fiat currency transactions and benefit from advanced trading tools. All with an experience comparable to that of online banks, but in a truly decentralized way.

The AGO token is at the heart of the ecosystem, enabling decentralized governance of the platform, while offering its holders a return of 80% of the costs generated by all its services! With a limited issue of 300 million tokens and deflationary mechanisms, $AGO offers solid tokenomics to support Ago’s growth.

Supported by an experienced team, strategic partnerships and a successful $9 million fundraising campaign, Ago has what it takes to become a key player in decentralized finance. This is confirmed by its impressive 1000% growth in its user base by 2024.

For all those who wish to take advantage of the unique opportunities offered by the DeFi, Ago is definitely a platform to keep an eye on. With its ICO which will soon be coming to an end, only a few days left to secure your chips and take part in the adventure.

Trakx, revolutionizing Crypto-Index Trading

Trakx revolutionizes crypto-index trading by offering themed Crypto Trading Indices (CTIs) and customized solutions.

Registered with AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers in France), Trakx makes it easy to invest in baskets of cryptos with a single click such as cryptos for staking, the Metaverse, NFT collections, etc.

The platform offers many advantages, including:

  • 24/7 access to CTIs
  • Automatic portfolio rebalancing
  • Rigorous component selection
  • Optimized risk management
  • Reduced costs

In addition, to reinforce its expertise and accessibility, Trakx has forged strategic partnerships with renowned players such as Lumrisk, MSCI and Vinter.

Recently, Trakx has launched three risk-adjusted ITCs (Curator, Balanced and Growth), which have performed well since their launch. Finally, a new Staking product category has been introduced, offering investors an opportunity to optimize their returns.

The platform is experiencing increasing adoption, with more than 1500 active users and several million dollars exchanged.

At the heart of the ecosystem Trakx is the $TRKX token, which offers its holders a range of advantages, such as :

  • Discounts on trading fees
  • Attractive referral programs
  • Active participation in platform governance
  • And much more…

Trakx has already raised $3 million and is aiming for a further $500,000 through several private rounds available to investors. A unique opportunity to take part in the adventure of a leader in the crypto-index trading industry.

Ouinex, transparency is the watchword

Ouinex stands as a beacon of transparency, setting the standard in the crypto exchange landscape. 

Established in Paris in 2022, Ouinex caters to active traders, offering a transparent, fair, and secure platform with competitive transaction fees. Boasting a team with a wealth of experience in traditional finance, Ouinex defied market odds, securing nearly $4.5 million during the 2023 bear market.

What sets Ouinex apart is its unique proposition of allowing users to trade both cryptocurrencies and traditional assets through a single account. The $OUIX utility token, strategically designed, hints at a promising future for the platform, aiming to reach 75,000 users by mid-2025.

With recent success in obtaining a Polish license, Ouinex continues its journey towards regulatory compliance, with plans for further licensing in the pipeline. The team is diligently working on expanding its regulatory approvals both in Europe and Globally, ensuring a seamless and compliant trading experience.

Metafight, MMA in the age of blockchain

MetaFight shakes up the blockchain gaming industry by offering an unprecedented immersive experience in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA). Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, MetaFight bridges the gap between the virtual world of fighter cards and real athletes in the sport of MMA, offering a resolutely innovative gaming experience.

By taking part in epic clashes and daring challenges, players have the chance to win tempting rewards and see the value of their cards soar on the market.

The potential of MetaFight recently attracted the attention of Animoca Brands, a heavyweight in the blockchain gaming industry. This providential investment will enable MetaFight to step up a gear by accelerating the development of its platform and launching an improved version of the game as early as 2024.

This new version of MetaFight game promises an unprecedented MMA gaming experience, featuring a Management Card Game (card management game). Players will be able to discover all-new features and enjoy an optimized user experience, for total immersion in the world of mixed martial arts.

With its innovative concept, its strategic partnership with Animoca Brands and its ability to meet the growing demand for blockchain-based games, MetaFight has what it takes to establish itself as a major player in this rapidly expanding market. MMA fans and enthusiasts of blockchain games have plenty to look forward to when they discover the new version of MetaFight in 2024.

MyLovely Planet, playfully saving the planet

Sponsored by Ubisoft and Unity, MyLovely Planet revolutionizes gaming by skilfully combining entertainment and environmental commitment. The concept is simple but effective: every ecological action carried out in the game (planting a tree, cleaning up waste) is reproduced in the real world.

Already boasting a community of 20,000 monthly players, MyLovely Planet is aiming for 100 million users by 2030. Its objective: plant 1 billion trees, clean up the oceans and save endangered species.

The game won the Unity For Humanity award for its positive impact. With 3 million euros raised and the support of renowned investors, the project has plenty to appeal to eco-friendly gamers.

To finance its development and increase its visibility, My Lovely Planet is currently selling $MLC tokens. Given the potential and scope of the project, it is highly likely that the price of this token will soar in the coming months.


From a next-generation exchange platform to an eco-friendly video game, from DeFi to the sports metaverse, Web3 projects continue to push the boundaries of innovation. Although they involve a degree of risk inherent in crypto-investment, these new players could well make their mark in 2024. Provided, as always, that you invest with discernment and a long-term vision. Only time will tell which will come out on top.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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