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THORChain Hits Record $10 Billion Trading Volume Amid Bitcoin Maximalist Debate on Security and Loan Risks

For the first time, THORChain, a decentralized liquidity protocol, has surpassed a significant milestone, recording over $10 billion in total monthly trading volume.

This achievement was highlighted in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, by THORChain’s official account, with Runscan data confirming a trading volume of $10.26 billion for the month.

Despite this success, Bitcoin maximalists are split on the platform’s security and the attractiveness of its offerings, particularly concerning interest-free loans against Bitcoin (BTC).

The discussion among Bitcoin enthusiasts unfolded on social media, following the announcement.

Fred Krueger, a mathematician and Bitcoin investor, expressed his support for THORChain on March 27, emphasizing his trust in the protocol’s BTC-backed loans as a secure option for Bitcoiners seeking liquidity.

Contrarily, Bitcoin analyst Dylan Le Clair criticized Krueger’s viewpoint, highlighting the inherent risks in taking out a loan that relies on the exchange rate of an altcoin, pointing out the unquantifiable risks involved in such transactions.

THORChain stands out for allowing seamless asset swaps across different blockchains and offering loans without interest or compulsory liquidations.

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A notable update on January 30 reduced the collateral necessary for borrowing against Bitcoin and Ether, effectively allowing users to borrow up to half the value of their assets.

Chris Blec, an analyst, acknowledged THORChain’s unique no-liquidation lending model as “interesting” on March 10 but raised concerns about potential pitfalls.

The first risk involves lending Bitcoin to a protocol susceptible to failure or security breaches, an issue THORChain faced in 2021, albeit with a resolution that saw funds returned.

The second risk pertains to the dependency on a centralized provider, which could alter terms, thus endangering loans.

In addition to the platform’s innovative approach to loans, THORChain experienced interruptions to its mainnet service twice in 2023 due to potential security flaws, underscoring the ongoing debates over its safety and reliability for Bitcoiners.

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