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The 4 Early Projects to Watch Before Going Mainstream in 2024

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In the world of cryptocurrencies, it is not uncommon to hear about a particular token skyrocketing, making investors who bet small amounts rich, or being touted as the “next gem” with its price expected to increase exponentially.

Projects like SatoshiVM or “Pepe the frog” are among those whose meteoric rise has likely caught your attention, even if it was too late to benefit from an interesting return on investment. While investing in small-cap projects is undoubtedly risky, it is also a good way to accumulate substantial income. After all, small market capitalization often means low-priced tokens with the potential for immense growth, provided the project takes off. In this article, we present four crypto projects that could prove lucrative for early investors.

Ape Terminal:

Ape Terminal is a new, fully decentralized launchpad gaining momentum. Equipped with a range of tools, from the most conventional to the most innovative, to maximize returns, it quickly made a name for itself and attracted investors.

This launchpad, a platform for launching new tokens, offers numerous advantages such as automated yield generation, copy trading, sell limits, buy limits, stop/loss DCA, and high-frequency trading.

According to Cryptorank, the average return of all projects launched on Ape Terminal is estimated at 13.66X. Notably, the project SatoshiVM, a layer 2 solution for the Bitcoin network using ZK Rollups technology compatible with the EVM ecosystem, was launched on this platform. Having achieved an impressive x280, the project became famous in a very short time. Moreover, Ape Terminal is soon expected to launch its own token, providing an opportunity to invest directly in projects available on the launchpad.


Ouinex is a cryptocurrency trading platform targeting active traders. It brings the proven excellence of traditional financial infrastructure to Web3 through its experienced team.

Moreover, Ouinex is committed to providing a transparent, fair, and secure environment with extremely competitive trading fees. Supported by a strong community of investors and traders, in April 2023, during one of the worst periods the industry has faced, Ouinex successfully raised nearly 2 million dollars through its $OUIX token presale. This injection of funds allowed the Ouinex team to develop an innovative solution and acquire regulatory licenses in Europe and internationally. Indeed, it offers users the ability to trade on both crypto and traditional markets through a unified account.

Furthermore, this solution enables the use of cryptocurrencies as collateral to place orders on other markets. At the moment, Ouinex has not specified when or on which platform its $OUIX token will be launched. But one thing is for sure, you will hear about it soon.


Beoble is a communication infrastructure and ecosystem that enables users to use their wallets for decentralized messaging. Their product includes a web-based chat application and a toolkit allowing Dapp developers to integrate their creations into the Beoble ecosystem.

This innovative messaging platform supports most wallets and ensures end-to-end encryption for all messages. Among the prominent venture capital firms that have invested in Beoble are well-known names such as Digital Currency Group, Samsung Next, HashKey Capital, DWF Labs, GBV Capital, Token Bay Capital, and Momentum 6. It seems these investors have a keen eye, as the Beoble product has already been launched and managed to gather over 200,000 users in just a few days. This performance leads us to believe that Beoble’s token, scheduled for March, could see a significant price surge this year.

My Lovely Planet

My Lovely Planet is a Ubisoft Lab project that combines utility with pleasure, environmental impact, and gaming. The revolutionary idea behind this project is as follows: a real tree is planted for every virtual tree you plant in the game. Today, My Lovely Planet has 20,000 regular players and 50,000 subscribers. Its goal is to gather a community of 100 million players by 2030 to help save 50,000 endangered animal species, remove one billion tons of plastic waste from oceans, and plant one billion trees.

The game has won the Unity For Humanity award for its positive effects, and if we’re talking about it in this article, it’s because its creators are now offering a sale of $MLC tokens to increase the game’s visibility and fund its development. Given the project’s potential, it is highly likely that the unit price of its token can do well.


Cryptocurrencies remain a dynamic and evolving sector, offering potentially lucrative investment opportunities for those who can identify promising projects. The four we have presented in this article – Ape Terminal, Beoble, Ouinex, and My Lovely Planet – each stand out for their innovative approach and growth potential.

Ape Terminal, with its decentralized launchpad model, caters to investors looking to get involved in the initial phases of crypto projects. Beoble revolutionizes decentralized communication, providing a secure platform for cryptocurrency users. Ouinex brings an integrated solution for crypto and traditional trading, a significant advancement for active traders. Finally, My Lovely Planet combines environmental impact and entertainment, perfectly illustrating how blockchain can be used for social and ecological purposes.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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