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Taki Games’ $TAKI Token Lands Cube Exchange Listing in Key Milestone

Taki Games, a pioneering social gaming network offering real-money rewards, has made a significant announcement regarding its native $TAKI token. It is now officially listed on Cube Exchange, marking a key development since its last centralized exchange listing back in April 2022 on OKX and Gate.

Taki Games, known as the leading mobile blockchain-based gaming network, has successfully fused captivating gameplay with innovative tokenomics to enhance the overall gaming experience. Gamers now have the opportunity to own in-game assets, earn crypto-based rewards, and engage in digital asset trading via a peer-to-peer marketplace.

At the core of this project is the ambition to rectify the shortcomings of first-generation play-to-earn games, characterized by flawed tokenomics and misaligned incentives. Taki introduces a novel approach known as “Takinomics,” aimed at ensuring the stability of in-game economies, thus delivering greater value to all stakeholders.

In stark contrast to other play-to-earn games that rely on speculative interest, Taki’s Takinomics model incorporates a buy-and-burn mechanism that acquires tokens from the open market. This strategic move incentivizes players to generate revenue for the games while channeling this value back into the in-game economy through a rewards system anchored by the $TAKI token.

Taki’s ultimate goal is to become the Zynga of blockchain gaming, enticing mainstream gamers into the world of Web3, where they not only enjoy their favorite games but also become co-owners while reaping tangible rewards for their gaming efforts. Built on Solana, a prominent blockchain for Web3 gaming, and supported on Polygon, another significant decentralized gaming network, Taki has also partnered with Flowdesk to bring institutional-grade liquidity to its network.

The listing on Cube Exchange represents a pivotal milestone. Cube Exchange distinguishes itself as an innovative cryptocurrency exchange with a focus on Solana tokens. Its unique user-centric approach to asset control combines the convenience and user experience of centralized exchanges with multi-party computation custody, off-chain matching, and on-chain settlement. This collaboration aligns perfectly with Taki’s mission to address tokenomics challenges within Web3 gaming and Cube Exchange’s determination to enhance safety in crypto capital markets.

Weiwei Geng, CEO of Taki Games, expressed excitement about Cube Exchange’s support for $TAKI and emphasized the importance of deepening $TAKI’s liquidity. He commended Cube’s efforts in making crypto markets safer and more transparent, particularly within the thriving Solana ecosystem.

“We’re excited to see Cube Exchange support $TAKI, which powers cross-chain rewards for Taki Games’ network of mobile games,” Geng said.

“We’re building the Zynga of Web3 gaming, and driving value back to players through constant buybacks, so it’s crucial to continue to deepen $TAKI’s liquidity, especially with platforms like Cube. The work Cube is doing to make crypto markets safer and more transparent, especially for retail traders, is commendable, and all the more important given the incredible excitement in the Solana ecosystem right now.”

Taki Games has witnessed remarkable growth in the past year, ranking among the top 100 Web3 gaming ecosystems across all blockchains, as per Dappradar data. In the last month alone, $TAKI’s trading volume surged from an average of $300,000 – $400,000 per day to over $13 million, while the Taki mobile app garnered over 5 million installs on Android devices.

This remarkable growth is particularly promising considering the vast potential of blockchain gaming, with Web3’s gaming ecosystem still relatively small compared to the traditional games industry, boasting approximately one million daily active players.

Bartosz Lipiński, CEO of Cube Group, affirmed the exchange’s commitment to enhancing safety and trust in the crypto industry. He also expressed enthusiasm for projects like Taki Games, which utilize $TAKI to address economic challenges within the Web3 gaming landscape. This commitment, he believes, will not only benefit Cube Exchange users but also contribute to the overall integrity of crypto markets and Web3.

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