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Starknet Expands Airdrop Eligibility, Addressing Immutable X and ETH Staker Concerns

The Ethereum layer-2 blockchain Starknet has expanded the eligibility for its first round of Starknet provisions, now including two sub-categories of users who initially encountered difficulties in claiming STRK tokens.

This adjustment comes after the Starknet Foundation, the entity behind the Starknet network, resolved uncertainties about the eligibility of certain pre-Merge ETH stakers and Immutable X users for the Starknet (STRK) airdrop scheduled for February.

Following a detailed evaluation, eligibility has been extended to include VeVe users, non-VeVe StarkEx users mistakenly identified as VeVe users, and pooled stakers.

According to a communication shared with Cointelegraph, the new group of users now eligible for the February airdrop will be able to start claiming their STRK tokens in April. Starknet discovered inaccuracies in a list from Immutable, which incorrectly categorized many Immutable X users as VeVe users.

This list was crucial for distinguishing between users of the nonfungible token (NFT) platform VeVe, which manages its users’ private keys, and other users.

As a result of correcting these inaccuracies, Immutable X users who executed eight or more transactions before June 1, 2022, are now entitled to claim their airdrop.

The conversation around airdrops for VeVe users is ongoing between Starknet and the VeVe team.

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Additionally, pooled ETH stakers faced hurdles in receiving their STRK due to various complications with the staking protocols.

However, some protocols have now provided Starknet with a list of users eligible for the airdrop, which will commence in April.

Starknet also revised its unlock schedule in February, following concerns that the original plan favored early investors at the expense of retail users, leading to a more equitable distribution plan over three years.

This change followed criticism from Starknet users who felt excluded from the STRK airdrop despite significant transaction volumes, largely because they did not meet the requirement of holding at least 0.005 ETH as of November 15, 2023.

After the STRK airdrop on February 20, substantial sell-offs by large holders led to a dramatic 60% drop in the token’s value, from a peak of $4.40 to $1.90, within just over two days.

The struggle to recover the price of STRK continues, with it currently trading at $1.88, according to the latest CoinGecko data.

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