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Queen Kitty Coin Consolidates and Prepares to Rally 2,200% While Flying Shiba Inu Set to Deliver 8,000% Returns

Flying Shiba Inu (FLYSHIB) was launched today, and this dog-themed coins is set to deliver astronomical returns to investors who purchase in the first few days.

Queen Kitty Coin (KITQUE) has been consolidating around the $0.000006 mark, after yesterday reaching a high of $0.000034.

The memecoin, which was launched yesterday, is preparing to rally 600% and return to its all-time high, and then targeting another 1,200% in gains before the end of April.

KITQUE (contract address: F6LdtNP9zThSuCwdweAGqngC9XufhDfMYjFio3mWZT9e) currently has a market cap of just $28,000, so when it reaches a $500,000 market cap within a few weeks, investors who buy in now can generate almost 2,000% returns.

And after this, Queen Kitty Coin will still have plenty more potential to rally, so it has a chance of turning early investors into millionaires, as Shiba Inu (SHIB) did.

Meanwhile, Flying Shiba Inu (FLYSHIB) – another dog-themed memecoin – launched today, and it’s currently 111% up.

However, with its market cap still under the $10,000 mark, FLYSHIB (contract address: BEU7zWb6AC2SyKR1pAQU8aTj9AFuodxWSkScStJtSWDF) offers truly astronomical gains for investors who buy their tokens while its market cap is low.

Both of these newly launched memecoins currently trade on decentralized exchanges, like Jupiter and Raydium, but centralized exchange listings are planned in the coming weeks.

These additional listings will cause the price of these tokens to skyrocket, as tens of millions of new traders get access to them and will pour funds in.

When investing in new memecoins, it’s best to invest in several different coins and build a portfolio, to increase your chances investing in the next SHIB or PEPE.

And there’s no doubt that both KITQUE and FLYSHIB should be a part of your memecoin portfolio if you’re looking for huge gains.

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