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Notcoin (NOT) Rides Wave of Excitement as Major Crypto Exchanges Prepare Listings Amid Surging Interest

Notcoin (NOT), a play-to-earn game with an associated token that operates within the Telegram app, is currently making waves on social media platform X.

This surge in popularity comes as major cryptocurrency exchanges gear up to list the NOT token.

ByBit, a cryptocurrency exchange, officially announced the listing of Notcoin on its platform on May 9, commencing with the immediate availability of deposits.

Trading and withdrawals for NOT are scheduled to begin on May 16 and May 17, respectively.

ByBit has clarified that these transactions will be conducted through The Open Network (TON) and its automated trading tool.

Simultaneously, the Binance exchange launched NOT in its launch pool on May 9 and plans to start spot trading of Notcoin on May 16.

In line with this, Telegram’s third-party custodial crypto wallet, Wallet, will also incorporate NOT into its offerings starting May 16.

Adding to the excitement, the OKX exchange has announced its plan to include Notcoin in its Jumpstart Mining event on May 13.

This event will allow Toncoin (TON) holders to stake their coins and earn rewards in NOT.

The anticipation surrounding NOT has been mounting on social media, with over 35,000 posts tagged with “#Notcoin” on X at the time of writing.

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Introduced in January 2024, Notcoin presents itself as a free play-to-earn game on Telegram. Users can earn the NOT token by simply engaging with the game’s coin icons.

The token, based on the TON blockchain, was developed by Sasha Plotvinov and his team, Open Builders, who also created the game.

The game quickly became a sensation on Telegram, attracting millions of players even before its token was available for trading on exchanges like Binance.

Sasha Plotvinov explained the token’s unique position in the market, stating, “Notcoin — or ‘not a coin until it is’ — has solved the issue of attracting Telegram users to crypto,” noting the app’s user base grew to about 30 million in just a few months post-launch.

The official Notcoin Community channel on Telegram now boasts over six million subscribers, and the Notcoin bot reports a player count of 648,015 who have not previously owned any cryptocurrencies.

As for the token’s future, the Notcoin team has expressed uncertainty about its post-listing price but confirmed that the mining phase has been completed.

These developments occur as the TON ecosystem itself is gaining traction.

Just a day before the ByBit listing, Pantera Capital revealed that its investment in TON was its “largest investment ever,” coinciding with a substantial price increase in Toncoin, which jumped from approximately $5.5 to almost $7 in a week, now trading at $6.88, marking a 27% rise.

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