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New Memecoin Bitcoin Cat (BTCAT) Surges 110% Ahead of Exchange Listing

Bitcoin Cat (BTCAT) is being tipped as the next Shiba Inu (SHIB), with some investors expecting it to reach a $50 million market cap by the end of April.

Bitcoin Cat (BTCAT), a new Solana-based memecoin, has surged 110% in the last 24 hours, as excitement builds over the coin’s listing on MEXC on Saturday.

This will be BTCAT’s first centralized exchange listing, with it currently only trading on Raydium and Jupiter.

Despite its recent rally, Bitcoin Cat still only has a market cap of around $760,000, emphasizing how much potential this Solana coin has over the next few weeks and months.

Some investors are predicting its market cap to hit $50 million before the end of April, delivering around 7000% returns to investors who buy in at the current price of $0.000000004347 per token.

Others are looking even further ahead and expecting it to hit well over $500 million, amid rumors that Bitcoin Cat is already in talks to get listed on Binance.

Aside from the imminent MEXC listing, BitMart have also confirmed that Bitcoin Cat will be listed on their exchange.

The rise of Bitcoin Cat comes amid the broader Solana memecoin craze, with dozens of coins spawning allowing investors to turn a few thousand dollars into millions within weeks or even days.

This is undoubtedly much riskier than holding Bitcoin or Ethereum, but with the large cap cryptos trading sideways in recent days, more and more investors are switching to low-cap memecoins in search of eyewatering gains.

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