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Mt. Gox Trustee Advances Towards Bitcoin Repayments with Identity Verification Confirmation

The trustee overseeing the recovery of the hacked cryptocurrency exchange, Mt. Gox, has taken significant steps toward repaying creditors in Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Recent reports indicate that Mt. Gox creditors have been contacted to confirm their identities and the existence of their exchange accounts, a crucial step in the reimbursement process.

Numerous Mt. Gox creditors have received emails from the trustee, notifying them of the successful completion of identity verification for their crypto exchange accounts.

These accounts will be utilized to facilitate the repayment of BTC and BCH. In a notification posted on Mt. Gox’s insolvency hub on Reddit on January 22nd, it was revealed that a crypto exchange mentioned in a user’s rehabilitation claim had confirmed the ownership of the account with the trustee.

Consequently, the exchange is now poised to accept the user’s subscription to the agency receipt for receiving repayment in BTC or BCH.

However, the email also issued a cautionary note, stating that users might face difficulties in receiving repayment if their accounts are disabled or frozen in the future.

Numerous Reddit users have confirmed receipt of such emails from the Mt. Gox trustee, with the majority of confirmations originating from the Bitstamp exchange.

Some Kraken users also reported receiving confirmation emails, while others have not yet received any communication from the trustee.

Interestingly, certain exchanges involved in the repayment process have informed their users that they will continue serving Mt. Gox-related customers in specific countries, despite their withdrawal from those jurisdictions.

Bitstamp, for instance, which ceased operations in Canada on January 4, 2024, announced that it would continue servicing local accounts engaged in the Mt. Gox settlement.

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However, these accounts will have limited functionality, restricted to withdrawals only, with deposits and trading no longer available.

These developments coincide with the trustee’s progress in facilitating bank account repayments. Reports of the first Mt. Gox repayments surfaced in late December 2023, and some creditors even received double payments during this phase.

Founded in 2010, Mt. Gox was once the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange, handling approximately 70% of all BTC transactions.

However, it suffered a massive security breach in 2014, resulting in the loss of 850,000 BTC and making it one of the largest crypto bankruptcies in history.

Mt. Gox is now on track to repay its creditors a total of 142,000 Bitcoin and 143,000 Bitcoin Cash, along with 69 billion Japanese yen (approximately $510 million) by October 2024.

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