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MoonDAO Sets Sights on Moon Colony by 2030, Pioneering Space Exploration Funding Model

For over two years, Pablo Moncada, the co-founder of MoonDAO and his decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), have been diligently working towards a remarkable objective – establishing a self-sustaining colony on the moon.

Their audacious timeline for this endeavor? Just under seven years from now. This formidable goal has been set by Moncada and the 5,000-member-strong MoonDAO, founded in 2021.

Moncada perceives DAOs as a solution to the longstanding issue of space exploration being inaccessible to the general populace.

He believes that his model could revolutionize space travel and interstellar exploration, potentially leading to human habitation on the moon by 2030.

While he acknowledges the inherent challenges and uncertainties, he remains undeterred in his pursuit.

Space exploration has historically been dominated by government space programs and well-funded private companies.

MoonDAO, often referred to as “the internet’s space program,” aims to democratize space research and travel by enabling everyday people to contribute to these endeavors.

While MoonDAO hasn’t yet achieved the monumental feat of sending humans to the moon, it has already achieved a significant milestone.

In November of the previous year, MoonDAO conducted a historic vote, sending Coby Cotton, a member of the YouTube channel Dude Perfect, into space aboard one of Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin spaceships.

This marked the first time a DAO had sent someone into space, symbolizing a groundbreaking moment for space exploration and decentralized funding.

In Moncada’s perspective, MoonDAO’s greatest contribution lies in its novel approach to capital raising for space research and exploration.

Historically, governments relied on taxes and national budgets to fund space research.

More recently, private companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin have attracted private investors while still receiving substantial government contracts.

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MoonDAO, however, leverages the power of coordination among people worldwide who share a passion for space exploration.

Moncada draws a historical parallel, citing the 1500s when joint stock corporations were invented to finance voyages to explore new territories.

He believes that, similarly, we will witness the emergence of new tools, such as DAOs, to fund future space missions.

MoonDAO co-founder Moncada is no stranger to ambitious goals, having previously worked on ConstitutionDAO, which aimed to raise $49 million to purchase the only physical copy of the United States Constitution.

Even though many DAOs, including ConstitutionDAO, may fall short of their lofty objectives, Moncada believes that striving for audacious goals is more rewarding than not trying at all.

While DAOs are praised for their innovative potential, they also face challenges stemming from differences in opinions and backgrounds among members.

Moncada humorously refers to DAOs as “dudes arguing online” in acknowledgment of these challenges.

As for the grand vision of establishing a self-sustaining moon colony by 2030, Moncada emphasizes the value of setting ambitious goals, comparing it to the audacity of Kennedy’s call to land on the moon in 1961 when space exploration was in its infancy.

He believes that as the DAO ecosystem continues to grow, access to capital may rival that of governments, paving the way for a new era in space exploration funding.

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