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Montenegro’s Appellate Court Blocks Do Kwon’s Extradition to the U.S., Citing Legal Violations

The legal drama surrounding Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon persists as Montenegro’s Appellate Court has once again overturned a lower court’s ruling favoring his extradition to the United States.

This development, announced on March 5, signifies another twist in the complex saga of Kwon’s potential extradition, highlighting ongoing legal debates and procedural disputes.

Previously, on February 20, the High Court of Podgorica had sanctioned Kwon’s extradition to the U.S. to face criminal charges related to multiple offenses.

However, the Appellate Court identified “significant violations of the provisions of criminal procedure” within the local legal framework, questioning the foundational reasons behind the extradition request’s approval.

The statement from the Appellate Court pointed out the lack of “clear and valid reasons for decisive facts regarding the order of arrival request letter,” casting doubt on the procedural integrity of the extradition process.

This recent decision underscores the legal challenges and intricacies faced by courts in Montenegro as they navigate international law and bilateral extradition requests.

Kwon’s arrest in Montenegro in March 2023 marked the beginning of an intricate extradition process, fueled by demands from both the U.S. and South Korea.

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The legal journey saw the Appellate Court of Montenegro cancelling an earlier decision in December 2023, which had approved Kwon’s extradition, instructing a retrial at the Podgorica Basic Court.

The narrative is further complicated by the background of Terraform Labs, the entity behind the Terra blockchain.

The company experienced a catastrophic collapse in May 2022 when its Terra stablecoin and Luna token plummeted, allegedly due to fraud.

The U.S. Security and Exchange Commission accuses Terraform Labs and Kwon of orchestrating a fraudulent scheme that erased around $40 billion from the market.

This ongoing legal battle in Montenegro reflects the international dimensions of cryptocurrency regulation and the challenges of prosecuting alleged financial crimes across borders.

The saga of Do Kwon continues to unfold, illustrating the complexities of international law, the intricacies of extradition processes, and the broader implications for the cryptocurrency industry.

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