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MicroStrategy Bolsters Bitcoin Treasury With $800 Million Note Offering, Purchases 12,000 BTC

MicroStrategy, an American software technology firm, has once again made headlines with its aggressive Bitcoin investment strategy.

Completing a substantial $800 million convertible note offering, the company used the proceeds to purchase an additional 12,000 BTC for its treasury reserve.

This latest acquisition was announced after the firm declared its plans to issue new convertible notes on March 6, coinciding with Bitcoin hitting a new all-time high.

The offering was successfully finalized on March 8, reinforcing MicroStrategy’s commitment to Bitcoin.

The company’s founder and chairman, Michael Saylor, shared on the X social media platform that this strategic move utilized the net proceeds from the note offering along with surplus cash, securing the Bitcoin at an average price of $68,477 per unit.

Prior to this purchase, MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin portfolio comprised approximately 193,000 BTC, acquired at an average price of $31,544, totaling a value of $12.9 billion and marking a 112% return since the company first ventured into Bitcoin investments.

With the latest addition, MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin holdings have swelled to 205,000 BTC, acquired at a total cost of $6.91 billion, averaging $33,706 per Bitcoin.

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This latest note offering introduced by MicroStrategy features a modest annual interest rate of 0.625%, with payments due semi-annually starting September 2024.

The notes can be converted into cash, MicroStrategy stocks, or a combination thereof, with an initial conversion rate set at 0.6677 shares of MicroStrategy’s class A common stock per $1,000 of note value.

This conversion rate translates to a share price of approximately $1,497.68, a significant 42.5% premium over the share price on March 5, 2024.

MicroStrategy’s bold move to invest a significant portion of its capital into Bitcoin began in August 2020, under the guidance of Michael Saylor.

This strategic decision was motivated by the belief in Bitcoin’s reliability as a store of value and its potential for long-term appreciation over holding cash.

Saylor emphasized Bitcoin’s superiority over fiat currency as the mainstay of the company’s treasury reserve strategy.

Since then, the value of the company’s Bitcoin holdings has escalated by over $1 billion by early January 2024, underscoring the lucrative nature of its investment approach.

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