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MicroStrategy Announces $500 Million Convertible Note Offering to Expand Bitcoin Holdings

MicroStrategy, along with its Executive Chairman Michael Saylor, remains committed to expanding their Bitcoin (BTC) portfolio, revealing plans for a new $500 million convertible note offering intended for further Bitcoin acquisitions.

Announced on March 13, this initiative marks another significant step in the company’s transition from a business intelligence entity to a “Bitcoin development” firm.

The offering, set to be privately issued as senior convertible notes, may also allocate a portion of its funds towards general corporate endeavors.

In the past two weeks alone, MicroStrategy has launched offerings totaling $1.3 billion, including a recently finalized $800 million senior convertible note offering.

This latest endeavor initially aimed to raise $600 million, but the target was subsequently increased to $700 million, plus an additional option for a $100 million aggregate principal amount under certain conditions.

These funds contributed to MicroStrategy’s acquisition of an additional 12,000 BTC, boosting its Bitcoin reserve to 205,000 BTC, valued at $15 billion.

This investment has yielded a 117% return, or a profit of $8.1 billion for the company.

MicroStrategy is nearing a milestone of owning at least 1% of Bitcoin’s theoretical maximum supply, needing just 5,000 more BTC to reach this goal.

With the current market prices, the proposed $500 million investment could secure approximately 6,850 Bitcoin.

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The terms of MicroStrategy’s senior convertible notes, which are debt instruments convertible into equity or cash, include semi-annual interest payments and a maturity date of March 15, 2031.

These can be converted into cash, shares of MicroStrategy’s class A common stock, or a combination of both, depending on specific conditions.

Following this announcement, MicroStrategy’s stock (MSTR) saw a significant rise, increasing 10.85% to $1,766 on March 13 as per Google Finance.

Since February 6, the stock has surged by 254%, making it one of the Nasdaq’s top performers this year.

This uptick in MSTR’s stock price aligns with Bitcoin’s recent price rally, which recorded a 46.1% increase over the last month, reaching $73,050 according to CoinGecko.

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