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Martin Shkreli Claims Involvement in Solana-Based Token DJT Amid Speculation of Trump Family Ties

Martin Shkreli, often referred to as “Pharma Bro,” has claimed involvement in the creation of the Solana-based token DJT, which has sparked significant speculation amid rumors that it was being led by Donald Trump’s son.

During an X Spaces session on June 18, Shkreli disclosed he was “helping a friend” with the token’s launch in April.

He mentioned that about 10 people were directly involved in its creation, while 40 to 50 others were aware of it.

Listeners noted that Shkreli cited Barron Trump as one of those aware of the project.

The X Spaces session occurred four hours after Arkham Intelligence announced a $150,000 bounty for identifying the DJT token’s creator.

This followed Shkreli accepting a $100 million bet with prominent crypto trader GCR on the token’s authenticity.

“Fuck it, we ball. $150,000 to the first person to definitively prove the identity of the creator of $DJT,” Arkham posted on X on June 18.

“Find definitive evidence of the creator of $DJT. We will accept private proof for this bounty, but if accepted, that proof will be made public,” read the bounty notice.

High-profile blockchain investigator ZachXBT submitted a response, which reportedly influenced Shkreli’s decision to host the X Spaces.

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Meanwhile, on the internet, people are placing bets on whether the DJT token was launched by Trump or a member of his family.

The decentralized betting platform Polymarket indicates nearly $1.9 million in bets on the token’s legitimacy.

Only 17% of total bets were in favor of the idea that DJT was launched by Trump or a family member, with this number dropping to 7% after Shkreli’s X Space session.

The rumor about Trump’s involvement and that it was “spearheaded” by his son Barron originated from a tech blog Pirate Wires’ X post, which cited “conversations” without specifying the sources.

When questioned about the information’s origin, Pirate Wires creator Mike Solana admitted he “didn’t speak with Trump directly” and was “just reporting what I know via sources.”

Currently, DJT is trading at 0.012, a significant drop of over 66% from its peak of 0.036 on Tuesday, as reported by Birdseye.

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