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Logan Paul Defends CryptoZoo Project in New Documentary, Asserts Loss and Lack of Fraud Amid Investor Backlash

In the documentary 5 Months with Logan Paul, the YouTuber Logan Paul addressed the controversy surrounding his CryptoZoo NFT gaming project, which has been criticized for causing financial losses to investors.

Speaking with journalist Graham Bensinger, Paul faced questions about the allegations against him, particularly the accusation that his involvement led to monetary losses for people.

Paul conceded that there was some truth to these claims but firmly rejected the notion that CryptoZoo was a scam.

He explained, “Everything you just said has an element of truth to it. Here’s the problem. What you just described isn’t a scam.

“I took on a project that I was simply incapable of handling at the time.”

Despite the backlash, Paul revealed he did not profit from the venture, instead losing $500,000 himself, which led him to question, “Where is the scam?”

The project’s failure had a profound impact on Paul’s mental health, driving him to consider suicide due to the ensuing backlash and personal spiraling.

Paul also indicated his intention to address the narrative that paints him as the primary architect behind what some have deemed a fraudulent scheme.

He suggested the criticism, particularly from YouTube journalist Stephen Findeisen, also known as Coffeezilla, was biased, asserting, “The CryptoZoo saga is far from over because it was a one-sided story.

“He [Coffeezilla] told it how he wanted to tell it and told it a certain way that made me look like the captain of the ship.”

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Previously, Paul had threatened legal action against Findeisen for his coverage but later apologized and retracted his threats.

Furthermore, Paul discussed his efforts to ameliorate the situation for those impacted by the project’s failure, mentioning a $1.5 million recovery plan launched after a year and following a class-action lawsuit.

However, the plan came with a stipulation that participants waive any potential legal claims against him.

The documentary and Paul’s comments arrive amidst ongoing legal challenges, including a class-action lawsuit filed by investors in February 2023.

These investors accused CryptoZoo and Paul of executing a “rug pull,” alleging that they were defrauded out of millions.

In response to these allegations, Paul announced the commencement of a buyback program on Jan. 5, conditioned upon participants forgoing any legal actions against him, an attempt to provide restitution while navigating the complex aftermath of the project’s downfall.

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