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Immutable zkEVM Brings Web 3 Game Development To QuickNode Blockchain

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In an announcement this Monday, QuickNode, a highly scalable blockchain platform, welcomed Immutable zkEVM, a Layer 2 blockchain specifically designed for gaming. Immutable zkEVM aims to provide gaming developers on QuickNode with seamless building tools, combining the compatibility of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) with high scalability and Ethereum-grade security for web3 games. 

Following the launch of Immutable zkEVM on QuickNode, gaming developers will have access to a high-performance, scalable blockchain, ensuring a better gaming experience for developers and players. Notwithstanding, QuickNode will offer gaming developers a more robust and secure platform to build Web 3 games. The goal is to revolutionize blockchain gaming, bringing seamless development of Web 3 games to the masses. 

Dmitry Shklovsky, CEO of QuickNode, welcomed Immutable zkEVM to its platform terming the move as a “significant milestone in advancing blockchain technology in the gaming sector”. Adding to EVM compatibility and scalability, the move to QuickNode will also offer gaming developers and DApps Ethereum-grade security, in a first-of-its-kind technology.  

“This is a huge leap forward in our ongoing effort to democratize access to high-quality blockchain infrastructure, and we can’t wait to see the incredible gaming experiences our community will create with this powerful new tool,” Dmitry said speaking on the launch of Immutable zkEVM on QuickNode. 

Immutable zkEVM: A blockchain built for gamers

Immutable zkEVM is a blockchain built for Web 3 gaming development, combining optimized security, scalability and speed to help developers build out user-centric gaming experiences. The first-of-its-kind technology aims to offer specific Web 3 gaming development tools, focusing on empowering game studios with vital resources like liquidity, community, and powerful network effects.

The launch of Immutable zkEVM on QuickNode opens up the platform to a wide range of potential EVM capabilities, and Ethereum’s security. It will allow gaming developers to build out Web 3 games for global audiences while reducing transaction costs. Additionally, QuickNode is building a solution to remove gas fees for players,  ensuring a seamless and affordable gaming experience for all players. 

According to a team representative from Immutable zkEVM, the decision to build their platform on QuickNode is due to the seamless developer tools that the blockchain offers. The platform allows developers to solely focus on building their DApps instead of focusing on other blockchain-related developments such as running nodes. This will save Web 3 game developers time and resources, allowing faster deployment of games and minimising obstacles in creating blockchain games. 

Finally, Immutable zkEVM offers developers an opportunity to build futuristic games, unlock new revenue streams and safeguard their communities. The platform offers a testnet development area, allowing developers to innovate and soft-launch their projects before a full mainnet launch. 

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