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GoNFTY: Revolutionizing the Gaming Metaverse with a New Era of AI-Powered Toolkits and Web3 Integration for Creators and Gamers Alike

GoNFTY is embarking on an ambitious journey to redefine the gaming metaverse through its cutting-edge web3 gaming platform, designed to serve both avid gamers and creative minds. Widely tipped to be a strong contender with moonshot potential in the bull market, GoNFTY is set to make its debut on both centralized (CEX) and decentralized (DEX) platforms this March. Today, on the 20th of March 2024, the GoNFTY token (GNFTY) will be available for trading on Pancakeswap. 

By fostering a unique ecosystem, GoNFTY aims to unlock the full potential of web3 technologies, enabling participants to not only engage in immersive gaming experiences but also to monetize and create within this evolving digital realm with pioneering AI-powered toolkits. 

This initiative stands at the forefront of the virtual economy’s future, promising to deliver a decentralised, integrated platform ecosystem that champions innovation, sustainability, and community engagement. With a solid foundation built on green, carbon-neutral technologies, GoNFTY is poised to captivate a global audience of billions, offering an unparalleled marketplace, a versatile gaming arcade, and intuitive AI-powered game development tools. This venture signals a new era in gaming, where the boundaries of creativity, ownership, and experience are continually expanded.

GoNFTY’s compelling product offering centres around its’ feature-rich platform which offers a one-stop shop for gamers and creators. The platform provides a curated library of web3 games (the ‘GameBench’);  an AI-powered toolkit to enable anyone to create their own games and virtual worlds integrated with chain-agnostic web3 technologies (the ‘Studio’); and a digital marketplace for gaming assets (the ‘Marketplace’). 

The platform is powered by the GoNFTY Governance Token (GNFTY), which has strong utility and unlocks a number of benefits, such as DAO Membership; voting rights; platform perks; and exclusive rewards. The GNFTY token also gives access to Metaverse Land pre-sales and helps to generate passive income with staking.

To build one of the greatest AI-powered web3 gaming platforms, collaboration and support from industry leaders is necessary, and GoNFTY has exceeded expectations with an impressive accolade of strategic partners set to solidify its position as a pioneer in the web3 gaming sector.

GoNFTY was accepted into the esteemed Google Cloud Web3 Startup Program which marked a significant milestone not only for GoNFTY but also for the evolution of gaming into the Web3 era. With its inclusion in the Google Cloud Web3 Startup Program, GoNFTY is poised to soar to even greater heights.

GoNFTY also teamed up with Master Ventures, a metaverse and blockchain accelerator who are advising the overall project and marketing strategy to ensure that their groundbreaking mission receives maximum exposure. Working closely with an industry leader like Master Ventures, GoNFTY is primed to take advantage of their expertise and years of experience in consulting and launching Tier-1 blockchain projects, as well as marketing and streamlining them to the masses.

GoNFTY, the AI-powered web3 gaming platform built for gamers and creators, is certainly one to watch. Its rapidly increasing success is testament to why the convergence of AI, Web3 and Gaming is set to dominate the trending narratives with explosive growth and tremendous value creation for years to come.

About GoNFTY

GoNFTY is a web3 gaming platform. Built for gamers and creators; providing a curated library of web3 games and an AI-powered toolkit to enable anyone to create their own games and virtual worlds integrated with web3 technologies. Learn more at 

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