Back to main Makes History After Applying for ‘.Gate’ Top-Level Domain With D3 Partner, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 pioneer, has unveiled a groundbreaking collaboration with D3 Global, an advanced domain name company specializing in interoperable digital identities. Together, they intend to seek and secure the coveted ‘.gate’ Top-Level Domain (TLD) during ICANN’s upcoming application window. This strategic move positions as the first cryptocurrency exchange to express interest in acquiring its dedicated TLD.

Top-Level Domains (TLDs) represent the final segment of website addresses, an integral part of the Internet’s Domain Name System (DNS). Well-known TLDs like “.com” and “.org” are seamlessly compatible with standard web browsers. Conversely, decentralized blockchain-based systems employing extensions such as “.eth” and “.crypto” operate independently and do not integrate with the conventional DNS infrastructure.

Web3 naming systems currently in existence suffer from incompatibility issues with traditional Internet infrastructure, leading to significant challenges, including functionality limitations, brand confusion, and security vulnerabilities. D3’s innovative platform, protected by a patent-pending technology, aims to bridge the gap between the traditional Internet and the Web3 ecosystem. Their mission is to provide enhanced utility, security, and universal access, thereby ushering in what they term ‘real Web3 domains.’

If the application for the ‘.gate’ TLD in partnership with D3 is approved, users will have the unique ability to establish personalized web addresses that are inherently compatible with both Web2 and Web3 systems. This means a single address can serve as a digital identity across Web2 browsers, email services, as well as blockchain wallets and other Web3 tools.

Through this collaboration, solidifies its reputation as an industry innovator. Together with D3, the companies plan to create futureproof, interoperable digital identities that combine the strengths of the existing Internet with the emerging Web3 technologies.

Dr. Lin Han, Founder and CEO of, expressed their commitment to innovation, stating, “We are constantly developing innovative new solutions for our growing ecosystem. Our partnership with D3 will allow us to offer exciting identity solutions that enhance their trading experience and opens the ecosystem up to billions of Internet users worldwide, while maintaining the safe and secure environment our users have grown accustomed to.”

Fred Hsu, CEO of D3, conveyed his excitement about welcoming on their journey to make Web3 more accessible, scalable, and secure with straightforward, interoperable digital identities built on the DNS. He emphasized, “This partnership will enable us to offer our unique identity solutions to over 13 million users worldwide, giving them access to innovative solutions that will enhance their journey across Web3.”

Through their collaborative efforts, and D3 aspire to provide a groundbreaking solution to the interoperability challenges that currently exist between Web3 and Web2. D3’s pioneering platform, backed by a patent-pending approach, seamlessly integrates traditional Internet and Web3 ecosystems, promising enhanced utility, security, and universal access for millions of users.

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