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Furrari Coin to Deliver 140x Returns as Cat’s Answer to DOGE, SHIB and BONK Arrives

Numerous dog-themed memecoins, such as Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and Bonk (BONK), have risen to prominence and achieved billion dollar market caps.

Furrari (FURRARI) coin is set to become one of just a handful of cat-themed memecoins to go viral and achieve a multi-million dollar market cap.

The Solana-based coin, which was launched today and is now available to buy on decentralized exchanges, such as Jupiter, has been identified as a memecoin that has massive potential to grow in the coming months.

Furrari (contract address: 9oG3T8UMkFcjEEBQaEsU71B6Sa9grMbbP2SmKu6ed1T4) currently has a market cap of just $10,000, and it is projected to explode in the coming days and weeks, with a $1.4 million target set for the end of next week.

This would allow investors who buy in at the current price to generate a 140x return on their investment – something the large cap memecoins, such as Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and Bonk (BONK), can no longer offer due to their market caps already being in the billions of dollars.

The sheer memeability of this coin – which mixes the cuteness of a cat with the luxury of the Ferrari brand – means it has the potentially to quickly go viral and target a market cap much higher than $1.4 million in the medium to long term.

Furthermore, the fact that all of Furrari’s liquidity is locked on Raydium, which prevents a rugpull, is another key attraction to the project for early investors, as they get exposure to huge upside gains, with reduced risk of a rugpull (unlike most other new memecoins.)

Another exciting, newly launched memecoin that has massive upside potential is Musk Eclipse (ECLIPSE).

This coin (contact address: D6QcGYbrpzFjVEmzARLzMC2TdFiHhWaRoieq6YMJVZf8) has already skyrocketed over 1,000% since we wrote about it less than 24 hours ago, with its market cap surging from $6,000 to around $67,000, generating huge gains for investors.

And, with Musk Eclipse looking to soon hit a $500,000 market cap before targeting further gains, it still has explosive upside potential.

Given the massive gains that new, small cap memecoins are delivering, it is not surprising that many BONK, SHIB and DOGE investors are investing their profits into such tokens, including Furrari and Musk Eclipse.

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