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Former OpenAI Board Member Alleges Sam Altman Was Dismissed for Withholding Information

Sam Altman was reportedly dismissed from OpenAI for allegedly withholding information from the board, according to a former board member, Helen Toner.

Toner, who previously served on the board, claimed during a Ted AI podcast episode on May 28 that Altman had repeatedly made it difficult for the board to perform its duties.

She stated:

“For years, Sam has made it really difficult for the board to do their job, by withholding information, misrepresenting things that were happening at the company, in some cases outright lying to the board.”

As an example, Toner alleged that Altman did not inform the board about the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. She mentioned:

“When ChatGPT came out in November 2022, the board was not informed in advance about that. We learned about ChatGPT on Twitter.”

Cointelegraph has approached OpenAI for comment on these allegations.

In November 2023, Altman was ousted from the board and briefly dismissed from his role as OpenAI’s CEO due to accusations of “not consistently candid in his communications with the board.”

This decision was met with significant backlash from the company’s employees.

Out of 700 staff, 505 signed a letter demanding the board’s resignation, leading to Altman’s reinstatement within a few days.

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OpenAI’s board is tasked with making critical safety and security recommendations for the firm’s projects, a role that was allegedly hampered by the CEO’s lack of transparent communication.

Additionally, Toner claimed that Altman had concealed his ownership of the OpenAI Startup Fund from the board. She said:

“Sam didn’t inform the board that he owned the OpenAI Startup Fund, even though he was constantly claiming to be an independent board member with no financial interest in the company.”

Founded in 2021, the OpenAI Startup Fund is a $175 million venture capital fund investing in AI, technology, healthcare, and education companies with a positive global impact.

According to a March 29 filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), OpenAI has since changed the fund’s governance structure, ensuring it is no longer owned or controlled by Altman.

The fund is now controlled by Ian Hathaway, a partner since 2021.

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