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DogWifHood (WIFT) Begins Trading on MEXC – But Will it Flip DogWifHat (WIF)?

DogWifHood (WIF) began trading on MEXC on 5 April, after previously only being available on a couple of decentralized exchanges.

DogWifHood (WIF) is aiming to eventually flip DogWifHat, as the new memecoin gains momentum and is poised to benefit from growing hype surrounding the TON Network.

On 5 April, DogWifHood became the only TON-based memecoin to be available to buy on a centralized exchange, as the WIFT/USDT pair began trading.

The token’s market cap currently stands around the $6 million mark, while DogWifHat boasts a market capitalization of around $3.36 billion, following its meteoric rally so far in 2024.

However, while there is currently a huge difference in market cap and token price between these two dog-themed memecoins, DogWifHood does stand a chance of potentially flipping DogWifHat’s market cap.

DogWifHood is expected to surge as a result of the Notcoin launch later this month, and additional CEX listings could see $WIFT post 500%-700% gains over the rest of April.

If this were to happen, DogWifHood’s market cap would still be under the $50 million mark and would have plenty more upside potential for the rest of Q2 and the remainder of 2024.

DogWifHat, meanwhile, is looking to grow further from its position as the third-largest memecoin by market cap, and eventually take on Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dogecoin (DOGE).

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