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Crypto Analyst Predicts Major Gains for This Decentralized Storage Coin

A prominent cryptocurrency analyst, known by the pseudonym Bluntz, has recently expressed optimism regarding the potential of a decentralized storage altcoin.

Bluntz, who boasts a following of nearly 240,000 on the social media platform X, highlighted the peer-to-peer file storage network Filecoin (FIL), suggesting it is primed for significant growth following a lengthy period of accumulation.

Bluntz remarked, “FIL is on the cusp of the most outrageous pump, two-year accumulation range almost cleared.”

He pointed out that FIL has surged past its diagonal resistance, setting it on a trajectory to surpass its multi-year high of $11.390.

At the moment of reporting, Filecoin was valued at $11.57, reflecting a notable 14% increase in just 24 hours.

Filecoin’s inception in October 2020 was met with enthusiasm, backed by major crypto venture firms, including Winklevoss Capital.

This venture capital firm, co-founded by Bitcoin billionaires Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, who also established the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, has played a significant role in Filecoin’s development.

Additionally, Bluntz reiterated his forecast for the Solana-based meme token dogwifhat (WIF), predicting a climb to $3.

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He anticipates WIF will emulate the price trajectory of Nosana (NOS), a crowd-computing platform’s native asset. Bluntz shared, “Visual representation (below) of what I think happens.”

Furthermore, the analysis extends to Sei (SEI), a competitor to Solana, which Bluntz believes is on the brink of a fifth-wave surge, potentially reaching $1.40.

He enthusiastically stated, “Let the god candle commence.”

This prediction is grounded in the Elliott Wave theory, a method of technical analysis that forecasts future market movements by analyzing investor psychology and market cycles.

This theory suggests that a bullish asset will experience a five-wave surge before undergoing a three-wave correction.

Currently, SEI is trading at $0.904, experiencing a slight dip of more than 1% in the past day.

Bluntz’s insights reflect a deep understanding of market dynamics and the potential for specific cryptocurrencies to achieve significant gains, drawing on both technical analysis and the underlying strengths of the projects mentioned.

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