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Crypto Analyst Altcoin Sherpa Predicts Over 200% Surge for Dogecoin, Bullish on Bitcoin and

In a recent post on X, previously known as Twitter, a crypto analyst going by the moniker Altcoin Sherpa delivered an optimistic forecast for several cryptocurrencies, pinpointing Dogecoin (DOGE/USD), Bitcoin (BTC/USD), and (FET) as key players to watch.

Last Thursday, Altcoin Sherpa projected a remarkable growth for Dogecoin, predicting its value could soar by over 200% from its current figure, citing its long-standing appeal and the potential for substantial gains in the near future.

“DOGE: this is still a great long-term investment to be honest. And by long term, I mean like six months-plus.

“It’s going to do something insane this cycle and still should be at least a 3x-plus from here (possibly more).

“It accumulated for 700 days, still is the banner meme for all of crypto, and is very ‘safe’ given the market cap/liquidity/etc,” Altcoin Sherpa shared.

On the topic of Bitcoin, Altcoin Sherpa conveyed a bullish stance, suggesting the digital currency is undergoing a consolidation phase which is likely to precede an upward movement.

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“BTC: price has consolidated here for about one month.

“Overall, this is bullish and I don’t think we go lower than that range low at $60,000 (in the short term).

“Expecting a bit more chop and then we do the next leg up.

“No reason to be bearish at all in my opinion,” they stated, reinforcing a positive outlook on Bitcoin’s immediate future.

Furthermore, Altcoin Sherpa expressed a positive view on, an artificial intelligence-focused cryptocurrency, advising traders to buy on dips, reflecting a strong belief in its future success.

At the moment of this report, Dogecoin showed significant market activity with a nearly 20% increase in the last seven days, trading at $0.2063.

Similarly, Bitcoin’s value rose by 8% within the same timeframe, marking its price at $70,294.65.

These movements highlight the volatile yet promising nature of the cryptocurrency market, as underscored by Altcoin Sherpa’s analysis.

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