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Costa the Crocodile (COSTA) Poised to Deliver 5,500% Gains as DOGE and SHIB Investors Rush In

Costa the Crocodile (COSTA) is a new Solana memecoin that was launched today, and it’s currently trading on Jupiter and Raydium.

Costa the Crocodile (COSTA) is set to witness explosive price growth in the next 48 hours, as it began trading on decentralized exchanges today.

COSTA is one of the latest Solana memecoins to be launched, and many investors – including ex-Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dogecoin (D0GE) holders – are extremely bullish on this token.

It currently has a market cap of around $90,000, trading at approximately $0.000094, according to DEX Screener data.

COSTA is currently only available to purchase on decentralized exchanges, such as Raydium and Jupiter, but it has been reported that the developers will announce numerous listings on large centralized exchanges next week.

This is likely to cause the value of COSTA to skyrocket, and its market cap is likely to surge from around $90,000 to well over $5 million next week.

Many veteran memecoin investors are set to realize profits on their SHIB and DOGE positions, and invest the profits into Costa the Crocodile in search of 100x-500x gains – something that larger memecoins can’t offer now as they already have large market caps.

This latest memecoin launch comes amid the broader Solana memecoin trend, with billions of dollars of daily trading volume, as investors look to generate astronomical returns in a matter of days.

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