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Core Scientific Emerges as North America’s Largest Crypto Miner with 19,274 Bitcoins Mined in 2023

In 2023, Core Scientific achieved a remarkable milestone by emerging as the largest publicly listed cryptocurrency mining company in North America.

Their feat involved the mining of an impressive 19,274 Bitcoins, valued at an astounding $812 million. This achievement was unveiled in a recent announcement made on January 31st.

Core Scientific’s mining operations span across various states in the United States, including Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, North Dakota, and Texas.

Within these regions, they successfully mined 13,762 Bitcoins. Furthermore, their clients and customers collectively contributed to the impressive total by mining an additional 5,512 Bitcoins throughout the year.

This achievement firmly established Core Scientific as the foremost Bitcoin miner in North America.

To accomplish this, Core Scientific operated a staggering 209,000 Bitcoin miners, a combination of owned and co-located units, amassing a formidable energized hash rate of 23.2 exahashes per second at their data centers in 2023.

Impressively, the company also disclosed its annual mining report, highlighting a reduction in power consumption at their data centers.

In December 2023, they delivered 480 megawatt hours to local grid partners and a grand total of over 131,000 megawatt-hours throughout the year.

The process of Bitcoin mining involves solving intricate computational puzzles, essential for proof-of-work, which validates and adds new blocks to the Bitcoin blockchain.

Miners employ specialized hardware and software to generate cryptographic hashes that meet specific transaction criteria.

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As a reward for their efforts in verifying transactions and adding them to the blockchain, miners receive a certain amount of Bitcoin, currently set at 6.25 BTC per mined block.

Core Scientific’s journey as a Bitcoin mining company has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride.

In December 2022, they found themselves filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy amid a challenging crypto market characterized by a prolonged bearish trend that saw Bitcoin prices plummet to new yearly lows.

However, in June 2023, the company presented its Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan, signaling a strong determination to make a comeback.

This bankruptcy filing allowed Core Scientific to continue its operations as stakeholders worked towards a restructuring plan.

Fast forward to December 2023, and the company announced its intentions to exit bankruptcy proceedings and relist its shares for public trading.

The culmination of this plan occurred on January 27th when Core Scientific successfully relisted on the Nasdaq stock exchange.

This turnaround story exemplifies the resilience and potential for growth within the Bitcoin mining industry, driven by the continuous rise in the value of Bitcoin over the years, attracting both private and public firms to engage in mining operations across multiple data centers.

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