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BONK Memecoin Surges 7% Amidst Revolut Partnership Rumors

Solana-based meme token Bonk’s (BONK) experienced a 7% surge shortly after reports emerged suggesting the potential listing of the Solana-based meme token on Revolut’s trading platform.

According to a note from BonkDAO, the decentralized autonomous organization behind Bonk, a proposed collaboration aims to initiate a Bonk “Learn and Earn Campaign” to bolster the meme token’s user base by 500,000.

Revolut presently boasts 38 million users and holds a banking license across over 50 countries, as noted by BonkDAO.

This indicates that merely 1.3% of Revolut users need to be engaged to meet the set target.

Reportedly, Revolut users will be motivated to partake in the Learn and Earn campaign, with rewards totalling $1.2 million on offer.

Following this development, BONK’s price stands at $0.000025, marking a 7.2% increase within the past five hours and a 13.1% surge over a 24-hour period, as per CoinGecko.

BONK gained substantial attention in late 2023, witnessing a staggering 14,000% surge to $0.000025.

Despite a subsequent 60% decline from its peak, it remains one of the most traded meme tokens by volume.

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However, the campaign is pending official endorsement from BonkDAO. Presently, seven out of 12 Bonk voting members have voted in favour of the campaign, with one more vote required to achieve approval quorum.

No dissenting votes have been recorded yet, with the remaining five voters having four days to cast their vote.

If sanctioned, the Learn and Earn campaign will be executed in two phases.

The first phase will mark BONK’s debut on Revolut, focusing on fostering “organic growth” for the initial one to two months, followed by the launch of the Learn and Earn campaign.

Cointelegraph attempted to reach out to Bonk community members for their input but received no immediate response.

Meanwhile, speculations are rife regarding BONK’s potential listing on Robinhood, although no official confirmation has been made by either party.

Cointelegraph has reached out to Robinhood for comment.

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