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BlockDAG Sets off FOMO with 1000x ROI Excitement as Cardano Price Dips and XRP ETFs Get Delayed

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The world of crypto is all about the new developments in the landscape. Whether it’s the upcoming player BlockDAG (BDAG), Cardano price, or XRP ETFs, each is all set to transform the digital world in its own way! As Cardano prices are gearing towards a 40% surge and XRP ETFs are lowering enthusiasts’ expectations, BlockDAG is ready to break the stage with its 2024 presale that is not only about its presale perks or ordinary offerings.

BlockDAG has brought something new to the decentralised network by introducing 4 income streams for its users so no one can be left behind in this race. Let’s explore how BDAG can deliver 1000x ROI with its exciting project and be a leader in the crypto market.

Cardano Prices: Staggering 40% Surge

Cardano prices have been facing negative market sentiment for a long time. But right after the Bitcoin ETF approval, Cardano prices experienced a massive recovery of 16% at $0.50. In a recent analysis, Crypto ZX highlighted Cardano’s importance and assured the users that this project is worth believing as it has the potential to gain 40% on average based on the Fibonacci retracement levels.

The decline of Cardano prices was influenced by Bitcoin’s retracement to $39,000, fulfilling the CME Gap. So, in short, this third-generation blockchain platform assures scalability and security, allowing users to ignore the scepticism and stay optimistic about Cardano’s upcoming performance.

No XRP ETFs This Year

When the SEC approved the Bitcoin ETFs, the attention swiftly turned to XRP ETFs based on Ethereum. As it’s evident that Bitcoin took a long time to achieve this goal, it’s too early for Ethereum to enter the market and make the mark with XRP ETFs.

Last week, the SEC regulator delayed the decision for the spot Ethereum ETFs, showing its rare chances of getting approved. One of the community members of XRP tweeted about it and stated that it seems too early for XRP ETFs to get official approval.

However, they encouraged the users to remain hopeful as there would be another catalyst for a potential bullish trend in XRP, as it is one of the best crypto wallets.

BlockDAG: 1000x Crypto in the Making

Whether you’re a crypto beginner struggling to achieve your goals or a seasoned pro looking for a new experience, BlockDAG welcomes all crypto enthusiasts! With its four income streams showcasing massive earning potential, BlockDAG has garnered attention worldwide during its presale. In the first 24 hours of presale batch 1, it raised $1M and swiftly progressed to batch 2, demonstrating strong investor confidence.

BlockDAG adopts a multifaceted approach to generating income, encompassing coin investment, mobile mining, dedicated miners for optimized mining, and mining trading. By holding onto the native cryptocurrency and selling it when its value increases, the profit becomes entirely yours. Users can benefit from capital appreciation, potential dividends, and even the rewards distributed by the network. Additionally, with mobile mining, users can now mine conveniently using their mobile phones without the need for complex hardware setups. This means that everyone is now capable of mining without any barriers.

In addition to these features, BlockDAG has introduced its dedicated miner units, including X10, X30, and X100, that enhance your mining profits. These crypto miners offer increased efficiency and optimised performance compared to traditional miners, offering the participants a competitive edge in the mining industry. 

As BlockDAG progresses to its second batch, with its price of $0.0015, the project is continually leveraging the momentum and is on its way to delivering 1000x ROIs to early members of its community.  So, why not get started today and enjoy the crypto world with enhanced performances?

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