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Bitcoin Withdrawals Surge as Exchanges See Largest Outflows in 5 Years Amid Price Rally

Bitcoin’s movement away from exchanges is accelerating at a notable pace, with the cryptocurrency’s price striving to reach unprecedented highs.

James Van Straten, a research and data analyst at CryptoSlate, highlighted significant Bitcoin withdrawals from exchanges in a recent post, marking a trend reminiscent of 2021.

Despite the lack of mainstream investor return to cryptocurrency, Bitcoin reserves on exchanges are diminishing.

Van Straten, utilizing data from Glassnode, pointed out that on March 1, approximately $2 billion in Bitcoin was withdrawn from exchanges.

This activity, he remarked, was unprecedented.

“I don’t think I’ve quite seen anything like this before,” he said, noting that the day saw one of the largest Bitcoin withdrawals in more than five years, totaling over $2.3 billion.

Glassnode’s data suggests that the daily Bitcoin outflows around this period were comparable to those observed on June 28–29, 2021, a time of record withdrawals.

The influence of United States spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) was notable, excluding around $200 million transferred to Coinbase Pro for custody.

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Binance experienced approximately $400 million in outflows, with Coinbase handling the remainder. Van Straten found Binance’s outflows particularly intriguing, as they were not related to ETF activities.

According to Glassnode, the total Bitcoin assets held on major trading platforms dropped to 2,286,347 BTC ($142.5 billion) by March 2, reaching its lowest since March 2018 when the price of Bitcoin was around $8,000.

Further analysis by Crypto Dan from CrryptoQuant in a Quicktake market update revealed shifts in Bitcoin’s market composition.

The analysis highlighted an increase in activity from “younger” coins, while “older” ones, dormant for six months or more, began to circulate again.

This trend signals the arrival of new investors and suggests an impending influx of individual investors.

“New investors are flowing in, and in the near future we can expect the influx of many new ‘individual’ investors,” he summarized, indicating a sharp decline in the ratio that could herald the onset of a true bull market.

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