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Bitcoin Struggles Near Monthly Lows as Ether Faces Resistance in Crypto Market

Bitcoin struggled to maintain its position near monthly lows as it approached the Wall Street opening on January 20th, while Ether encountered significant resistance in its upward journey.

Bitcoin faced substantial sell-side pressure, with its price hovering around $40,600 overnight, marking its lowest point since December 18th. Bulls repeatedly failed to regain lost ground, creating a tense atmosphere in the market.

Michaël van de Poppe, the founder and CEO of MN Trading, suggested that a potential price floor for Bitcoin might be in the mid-$30,000 range, although he believed further testing of lower levels might occur before a reversal.

He expressed personal interest in accumulating Bitcoin between $36,000 and $40,000.

Rekt Capital, a popular trader and analyst, supported the idea that Bitcoin was following patterns typically observed before block subsidy halvings.

This pattern could indicate a retreat in the coming month before the halving event scheduled for April.

Additionally, a significant number of Bitcoin sales occurred during the recent dip, with approximately 59,000 BTC moving on-chain for the first time in three to six months.

These coins were originally acquired at an average cost of $26,000, resulting in a realized profit of nearly $900 million.

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Earlier research had attributed the drop from $49,000 the previous week to large-scale whale selling.

In the world of altcoins, attention shifted to ETH/BTC, which had been on a downward trendline for an extended period.

Ether had made notable gains against Bitcoin in the past week, surpassing the 0.06 BTC mark before consolidating at that level, its highest since April 2022.

This consolidation was occurring at a resistance trendline and above the 200-day moving average cloud, according to Caleb Franzen, a senior analyst at Cubic Analytics.

Franzen’s analysis referenced data indicating that ETH/USD was likely to outperform BTC/USD in the future.

In summary, Bitcoin faced significant sell-side pressure and hovered near monthly lows, with experts suggesting potential price floors.

Meanwhile, Ether encountered resistance against Bitcoin and consolidated near a crucial resistance trendline, indicating potential strength in the ETH/USD pair going forward.

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