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Bitcoin Braces for Supply Crunch as Demand Skyrockets, Warns CryptoQuant

Bitcoin is on the verge of a supply crunch, according to recent insights from CryptoQuant’s “Weekly Crypto Report” dated March 26.

The analysis highlights a looming “sell-side liquidity crisis” as demand for Bitcoin surges, particularly influenced by the introduction of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the United States.

This increased demand, coupled with a dwindling supply, signals a pivotal shift in Bitcoin’s market dynamics, potentially altering its supply landscape irreversibly by the early months of 2025.

CryptoQuant’s report illuminates the stark reality of Bitcoin’s dwindling sell-side liquidity.

“Record Bitcoin demand paired with declining sell-side liquidity has resulted in the liquid inventory of Bitcoin plunging to the lowest ever in terms of months of demand,” the platform notes, estimating the current sell-side liquidity inventory can only satisfy the burgeoning demand for about twelve months.

The analysis focuses solely on “accumulating addresses,” which are wallets that have not made any outbound transactions, suggesting the actual demand could be even greater.

“This is only considering demand from accumulating addresses, which may be considered as the lower-end of Bitcoin demand,” CryptoQuant elaborates.

When examining Bitcoin’s availability strictly on United States exchanges, the timeframe during which supply can meet demand halves.

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“The Bitcoin liquid inventory drops to six months of demand if we exclude the Bitcoin on exchanges outside the US.

“We exclude these exchanges considering that US spot Bitcoin ETFs will only source Bitcoin from US entities,” the report details.

Ki Young Ju, CEO of CryptoQuant, took to X (formerly Twitter) to discuss the emerging sell-side liquidity crisis.

He commented on the surprising activity of Bitcoins mined in 2010 and dormant since then, now moving to new wallet addresses.

Ju has been a vocal proponent of the ETF supply squeeze theory, previously forecasting a six-month window in mid-March as ETF inflows surged to record highs.

Although there was a brief period of net outflows from these products, recent trends suggest a reversal, with the latest figures from Farside, a UK investment firm, indicating significant net inflows of $400 million on March 25—the largest in two weeks.

This data underscores the growing investor interest in Bitcoin, even as the supply tightens, heralding a potentially transformative period for its market dynamics.

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