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Bitcoin Acceptance Surges: Number of Merchants Tripled Globally in 2023

In 2023, there was a significant surge in the global acceptance of Bitcoin as a mode of payment, with the number of merchants embracing this digital currency nearly tripling, as reported by BTC Map, a prominent Bitcoin merchant mapping provider.

According to their latest data, the tally of restaurants, bars, shops, and various services that were open to accepting Bitcoin reached a remarkable 6,126 by the close of the year.

This was a substantial increase from a mere 2,207 merchants that supported Bitcoin payments at the outset of 2023.

However, it’s worth noting that this figure did experience a slight dip from its pinnacle in late September when it peaked at 6,590 Bitcoin-friendly establishments.

BTC Map operates by utilizing open-source mapping data from OpenStreetMap, enabling both businesses and users to tag locations where Bitcoin is accepted.

This could suggest that the increase may partly be attributed to users diligently adding more businesses to the database, contributing to the growing numbers.

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A closer look at the map provided by BTC Map reveals noticeable concentrations of Bitcoin-accepting merchants in Central and South America, while there are fewer such businesses across Africa and Asia.

Notably, the United States and Europe also showed higher counts of merchants willing to embrace cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

In Southeast Asia, the Philippines emerged as the leader in the number of Bitcoin-accepting merchants, while countries like China, India, and Russia had virtually none, as indicated on the map.

It is interesting to note that in November, Cointelegraph reported that many of the merchants accepting cryptocurrencies often chose to sell their digital assets back to the markets once they received them.

This practice highlights the volatility and speculative nature of cryptocurrencies as a store of value, even as they gain wider acceptance in the global marketplace.

As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to evolve, the global merchant landscape will likely witness further shifts in acceptance and utilization patterns, with potential implications for the broader financial ecosystem.

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