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Arbitrum to Release $2.32 Billion in Vested Tokens, Sparking Market Speculation

The Layer-2 blockchain network Arbitrum is gearing up for a significant event on March 16, as it plans to release $2.32 billion worth of Arbitrum (ARB) tokens from vesting.

According to data from Token Unlocks, this release will involve approximately 1.1 billion ARB tokens, constituting about 76% of the token’s current circulating supply.

The breakdown of the distribution includes 673.5 million tokens, valued at roughly $1.41 billion, allocated for the Arbitrum team and advisers.

Additionally, 438.25 million tokens, with an approximate value of $915 million, are earmarked for the project’s investors.

This event is characterized as a “Cliff Unlock,” meaning that all these tokens will be made available at once on the unlock date, without any gradual release leading up to this point.

The impending unlock has stirred discussions within the cryptocurrency community, with expectations of potential price fluctuations for the ARB token.

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Some community members are considering short positions against ARB in anticipation of the unlock, while others have opted to sell their holdings beforehand.

In contrast, JJcycles, a crypto influencer on X, offered a more optimistic view by drawing parallels to a similar event with Solana, which saw its token price increase following a token unlock, contrary to common expectations.

The coming week will also see other blockchain projects releasing their vested tokens.

Specifically, on March 13, Aptos is set to unlock about 24 million of its tokens, valued at around $329 million, which represents 6.73% of its current circulating supply, designated for its foundation, community, core contributors, and investors.

Additionally, several other projects, including APE, Flow, CyberConnect, Moonbeam, and Euler, are scheduled to release vested tokens, contributing to a total of approximately $53 million in digital assets.

Consequently, the total value of tokens expected to be unlocked this week amounts to around $2.7 billion, highlighting a significant period of activity within the digital asset market.

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