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Apple Pursues AI Advancements Through OpenAI Collaboration

Apple is reportedly seeking a significant tech collaborator to enhance its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, particularly focusing on elevating the iPhone’s performance.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is engaged in advanced discussions with OpenAI to further integrate generative AI technologies into iOS.

Nevertheless, other reports suggest that Apple is exploring partnerships with Google as another potential cloud ally.

Despite its previous emphasis on internal AI development, Apple’s ambitions in the AI realm seem to have diminished over recent years.

By 2024, the iPhone, Apple’s flagship product, is displaying indications of falling behind competitors who prioritize AI.

The transition from internal development to external collaborations became apparent in May 2022 when Ian Goodfellow, renowned for his contributions to AI and often dubbed the “GANfather,” departed from his role as director of machine learning at Apple due to the company’s return-to-office policy.

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Since Goodfellow’s departure, Apple has remained active in the AI domain, releasing eight open-source large language models alongside their code and training logs.

While this demonstrates a sustained commitment to AI and machine learning, none of these models are likely to rival closed models like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini.

Given this context, Apple may be striving to finalize its generative AI partnerships ahead of its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June.

The WWDC serves as a platform to unveil the company’s most significant products, and 2024 has been comparatively subdued for Apple thus far.

Meanwhile, Microsoft, Apple’s primary competitor, has experienced substantial growth since partnering with AI industry leader OpenAI.

Currently, Microsoft holds the title of the world’s most valuable company by market capitalization, boasting a total value of $3.019 trillion, while Apple follows closely behind with $2.614 trillion.

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