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Algorand Foundation CEO’s Twitter Account Hacked, Leading to Bizarre Posts

The Algorand Foundation made a public announcement on X (formerly known as Twitter), revealing that their CEO, Staci Warden, had fallen victim to a security breach on her X account.

In response to this incident, they urged their community members to exercise caution by refraining from clicking on any suspicious links or engaging with direct messages.

The breach came to light on January 26, when a post from Warden’s X account surfaced, containing offensive language and racial slurs while also disparaging the Algorand community.

These derogatory remarks strongly suggested that an unauthorized party had taken control of her account, Stealth Tax News reported.

Furthermore, the perpetrator of the breach encouraged the community to divest from Algorand and instead invest in Ether.

Following this provocative post, the hacker continued to share satirical content, fabricating a story wherein they claimed that Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, would elevate Algorand to unprecedented heights.

According to the hacker, all that was needed was to grant Sun “total control” over Algorand and allow him to mint any token back to True USD (TUSD).

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This fabricated narrative was presented with tongue-in-cheek humor, insinuating that they had readily accepted this proposal, which would supposedly peg Algorand to the US dollar, ushering in a new era of digital commerce.

The hacker also humorously suggested that Sun’s projects would precipitate the next “major financial collapse in crypto.”

Aside from these fabricated tales, the hacker made various changes to Warden’s X account.

They shared music, modified her profile bio, and alleged that the CEO had siphoned off six figures from the Algorand community while falsely gaslighting them into believing it was a hacking incident.

The hacker even went so far as to change Warden’s bio to claim that she had left the Algorand Foundation and had taken up a new career as a “semi-professional pole dancer.”

Surprisingly, some members of the Algorand community seemed amused by the hacker’s antics.

Some even responded to the post about Justin Sun by suggesting that Algorand should hire the hacker or allow them to maintain control of the account.

Meanwhile, others seized the opportunity to criticize Warden, with one crypto enthusiast suggesting that the hacker would make a “better CEO” for the Algorand Foundation.

Another individual humorously proposed that Warden should consider applying for an internship at the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, given their own recent security breach on X.

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